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A little bit about headspace

headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation provide unconditional support and assistance for children and young adults aged between 12 - 25 years old. Their ongoing committment and dedication is instrumental for so many of our younger generation suffering from mental health related illness.

But there’s a problem

Like for so many organisations, Government funding to support mental health awareness, assistance and support for our younger generation is always a struggle, headspace rely heavily on the community and fundraising to continue their amazing service.

Here’s what I'm doing about it

On Saturday, 01 September 2018 I ran 90kms (56 Miles) over a period of 11 hours 58 minutes from Toodyay to Perth (Langley Park) to inspire others to push their boundaries beyond belief, never give up and when support is there, take it! Never give in to dark thoughts and always look forward, keeping a aflicker of light alive....

My inspiration to raise funds for headspace is a bit of a story. For many of us as parents, to be in a position where we are unable to provide the unconditional support and well being to our children through their hour (or years) of need is just incomprehensible. Well a few years ago, that was me as a loving father to one on my five children. An uncontrollable darkness had grabbed hold of one of my own and no matter how much love and support we, as a family tried to provide, there was nothing we could do wihin our family to help suppress the darkest of thoughts and emotions which had made their way into our loving child's life. This was my first real introduction into mental health and psychosis, a journey which found me wondering if, at the end of this journey, my life would take a turn for the worst...

Thankfully today through many years of continuous effort and support from the 'angels' at headspace, life today as I know it is so very different. I owe everything to the headspace National Youth Health Foundation "headspace". Together as one, headspace work as a team and provide miracles to those who are at their lowest point in life. My inspiration to run the 90km and go through all the pain, suffering and the darkest of thoughts that go with it, is nothing compared to what so many of our younger generation suffer every day through mental illness.

Headspace are the flickering light in the black of night, no matter how far away or how dim the light gets, headspace keep the light alive and are the beacon for so many families, but more importantly to those younger beautiful people who have nowhere else to turn.

Thankyou for continuing to be a part of this journey with me and please know that your contributions to this amazing cause will make all the difference to so many who trully deserve to find happiness and wellbeing in this amazing world we share together.

You can join me

To help the headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation continue to provide the specialist services needed, I am raising as much funding as possible to assist in their ongoing endeavour to minimise costs for families requiring the services of this amazing organisation.

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