Mifflin Square Park Decorative Paver Improvements


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A little bit of context

Mifflin Square Park is a historic park in Southeast Philadelphia, originally built in the 1890s. Located in one of Philadelphia's most diverse neighborhoods, the park is a center of neighborhood life and one of the few large open greenspaces in South Philly.

But there’s a problem

Despite the many years since the park's initial creation, much of it remains similar to how it was laid out in the 1890s. The park is heavily used, but this use has led to many of the features of the park being worn down and in need of replacement and renovation.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Beginning in November 2016, Southeast Philadelphia residents and organizations came together to imagine the future of Mifflin Square Park. Since then, hundreds of residents have shared experiences, memories, ideas, and opinions to create the 'Making Room for Everyone' concept design that was released in 2018 and will guide the reconstruction of the park in future phases. This design can be seen here: https://mifflinsquareplan.org/

In 2020, the Philadelphia Water Department will be reconstructing the four corner entrances of the park as part of a large green infrastructure project. This project, part of the City's larger Green City, Clean Waters program, will help to recreate living landscapes in the City and reduce stormwater pollution entering our waterways. This project provides an amazing opportunity to begin implementing the shared community vision for Mifflin Square Park.

You can join us

As part of this renovation of the four corners of the park, a new plaza will be created at 6th Street and West Ritner Street. Neighborhood residents have expressed a desire for the plaza to include decorative pavers to define a real entryway to the park. To fund this improvement, along with decorative paving at each of the three other corners of Mifflin Square, we are fundraising with the amazing perks listed here, including the opportunity to have your name or organization's name engraved in the entryway to the park! Donors who contribute at least $200 can have their name, their organization's name, or another's name preserved as a lasting legacy to your help in implementing the community's shared vision for the park.

Any funds raised beyond the cost of funding the installations of new pavers into the park will go towards further park improvements and programming.

The perks available as a thank you for contributing to the future of Mifflin Square Park are listed to the right. These improvements would be installed in concert with the Philadelphia Water Department's corner improvements in Fall 2020.

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