Midwest Left Assembly 2019

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The Assembly

The growth and development of the Midwest socialist movement is a collective struggle sustained by the region's dedicated organizers. The Midwest Left Assembly intends to bring these Midwestern comrades together for a lighthearted weekend of non-sectarian learning, camping, fun, and leisure on a remote land trust. During this time, we aim to establish relationships with those geographically closest to us, build our solidarity network, and most importantly, relax!


Hosting an event as ambitious as this assembly is met with a set of basic costs. Due to the size of the event, Horiztonal must purchse insurance for the venue (our land trust), rent facilities, and provide food, water, and shelter for our guests. To cover these costs, Horiztonal is calling on the help of members and supporters alike. A donation of any denomination will help make this event a success.

To learn more about the Midwest Left Assembly, visit our event page: https://www.midwestleft.comĀ 


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Team Members

Megan Devine