Middle East Tribal Pilgrimage

By victoria sinclair

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A little bit of context  

Spiritual Leaders from the  one of the 4 tribes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia (Wiwa tribe – Mamos)  have called for international support to embark on an important pilgrimage to pay respect and offer earth payments in the Middle East in order to effect peace and alignment with natural systems in all other ecosystems on the planet.   These tribes understand the relations between matter and prayer and utilise technologies which balance energies through important ‘payments’ (pagamentos) at key times in locations, which become known through visions and prayers. 

The Mamos (spiritual leaders) are regarded as the Older Brother in terms of understanding of planetary systems and Western cultures are regarded as the Younger Brother. The Mamos spend long years in initiation in darkness and solitude, communing with the natural realms in a very unique way which means that in terms of planetary earthkeeping, they are High Experts.  A group consisting of a tribal leader, (Julian Daza Malo who is pictured here) a Mamo and a Saga (female spiritual leader) and their Colombian assistants and translator are ready to leave their region for the first time to make this trip.

The following film, made by one of our team members, Rick Harlow, shows the work of the Mamos preserving the threads of their own ecosystem through the Black Line Journey


These films below directed by Alan Erreira, also give an amazing introduction to the way of life and cosmovision of the tribes of the Sierra Nevada


And more recently


***There is more information about the project on https://middleeasttribalpilgrimage2017.wordpress.com

This includes information on how to access (for free) a special video message from Julian Daza Malo (who is pictured below) secretary general of the Wiwa tribe requesting global assistance to create this important earth keeping delegation.

Why we need global assistance urgently

The Mamos say that the ‘mother of all bloodshed’ is in the Middle East and that people have been continually taking from the land there and not giving back. It is evident to us, with our way of seeing that indeed the Middle East signifies deep troubles and conflicts.   The Mamos say that the lack of making earth payments and giving back has led to energetic imbalances which mean, not only is there conflict in the Middle East but its affecting ecosystems all over the world.   In the Sierra Nevada where the tribes are from there is drought, food scarcity and a history of paramilitary violence.   The Mamos see that it is necessary to pay earth taxes, especially to the waters in primarily Israel in order to restore harmony of landscapes and humans.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

As volunteers several of us have already spent over a year in planning and discussion with the Wiwa tribe and Israeli Elders.    On gaining a first level of permission from earthkeepers in Israel a group of us recently collaborated with female elders in Israel in a series of water ceremonies, land blessings and cultural gatherings.   After a tribal council with the women it was agreed that the predominantly male representation for the Americas can indeed come and will be deeply welcomed to do this important work.

Having completed 2 foundational trips to Colombia and Israel to discuss the project, both the Wiwa tribe and the Israeli earthkeepers have been consulted with in keeping with tribal protocol and wish to move forward.    On completion of raising of travel expenses the final level of divination to find the dates in 2018 for the visit will take place.

These offerings and prayers from spiritual leaders of the Americas represent one of many global acknowledgments of the new times we are entering and the capacity for humans to align once more with nature and to evolve to a more heart-based consciousness.   Main indigenous and spiritual leaders say that unless we urgently align with larger ecosystems and with natural process that deeper chaos will unfold.  The visions of the elders, the wiser Older Brothers to align energies in the Middle East in their sophisticated way is vital to re-balancing of energies.For those of us who work with earth-keeping, healing, shamanism, community building, this request marks a request directly from our elders for assistance to support them on this much-needed mission.

A 2 week pilgrimage to water sources, sacred sites and places that will come through visions is proposed.   We have already acquainted ourselves with the land and Israeli communities who are keen to host the Older Brothers so that we can be on hand in competent service when the Wiwa delegation come.   This is time for the global community to support Sacred ancient knowledge to facilitate greater harmony.  At the same time we are running local campaigns to re-allocate money that might otherwise be spent on rubbish Christmas items towards this campaign and local homeless organisations.

You can join us

We are asking at this point for £9999 which will enable us to be able to continue meetings in the early part of 2018 with the Wiwa tribe and Mamos.

We require

£5000 for travel from Sierra Nevada (which is quite remote) to Bogota to Tel Aviv and for the Colombia helpers to get up there to pick up the elders

£2100 for partial funding for transport and accommodation/food while away – More will need to be raised

£1200 expenses for Rick Harlow and local Colombian to attend 2 x meetings in Israel and Colombia for planning

£1200 expenses for Victoria Sinclair and assistant to attend 2 x meetings in Israel and Colombia

£500 towards production costs for some of the perks – the rest is proceeds into the project

***We also ask you to 'Opt in for Change' with our Christmas challenge to think twice before having that extra drink, buying that useless gift set...and donating your savings 50% to the elders and 50% to local homeless organisations.   Information will be posted on the blog/website throughout December

Currency conversions

£1 = $1.3 USD

£1 = 4.7 Shekels

Where we are up to now

We have already delivered 2 x meetings in Israel and Colombia self-funded and all activity so far has been on a volunteer basis of planetary service

The Mamos are very clear that they need to make this pilgrimage as soon as possible.  They live very remotely and it takes time to plan to meet them and to develop logistics on the ground in Israel.  We really hope to be able, while some of our team are in Central America, to be able to visit the tribe with good news and to book their flights in January 2018 so that they can travel in Spring. 

In order to raise more expenses for expenses on the ground for the delegation and the Israeli hosts there will be a range of fundraising activities from March 2018 once we have the ‘go ahead’ from the Mamos on finalised dates.  The Wiwa delegation are also prepared to do a couple of events to raise some food expenses while in Israel but they will need their energy primarily for the earthkeeping and spiritual work.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

We have some perks for supporting us, all specially created and curated items for this project, connecting you to the project and the groups involved.

There is more info later on the perks page

1 – Raw Galactivation USBs

2 – Traditional Wiwa Mochilas (bags)

3 – Specially commissioned artwork from Rick Harlow, one of our team members who has been working with tribes in Colombia for over 30 years

We are so grateful for any assistance you can give in this important work to re-member our connection to Nature and each other. Blessings, Gratitude and Abundance (the Shefa sign below as channelled by Israeli Grandmother Dvora Pearlman)

Regular updates about the project and fundraising and the amazing earthkeeping work that has already taken place and that you can take part in is on https://www.facebook.com/earthkeepersunite/

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Team Members

victoria sinclair

Debra Delglyn

Rick Harlow

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