Malaysia Festival 2019 @Sydney

By MFest 2018 committee

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Malaysia Festival is coming!

With its amalgamation of various races and cultures, Malaysia has developed performances, food and traditions unique to its identity. It is this Malaysia - a beating, living, flourishing heart of diversity - that Mfest 2019 celebrates!

The first MFest was held at UNSW in 1990

Mfest is a purely student-run not-for-profit organisation. It had its humble beginnings as a small festival held on the University of New South Wales (UNSW) walkway. However, with the gain of its popularity and momentum, MFest is now celebrated annually as a two-day cultural event held at Tumbalong Park. MFest 2017 saw 38 000 visitors flooding in from across the world, with international media coverage and praise! 

MFest: A platform for food enthusiasts, performers ... and anyone looking for a good time!

Malaysia Festival prides itself in its support of Sydney-based and international Malaysian artists and food providers. With its main attraction being food stalls and a wide array of performances, Mfest provides the perfect platform for such parties to gain the spotlight of the Sydney audience.

MFest needs your support more than ever: and this is why!

As a student-led event, MFest runs entirely on the passion and commitment of Malaysian students in sharing their culture to Sydney's multicultural scene.

This purely volunteer-run festival has made some truly remarkable milestones, but we believe that we can always do more with your support.

To our fellow Malaysians

Help us share the joys, stories and passions of our beloved food, culture and traditions. With the increasing population of Malaysian migrants in Australia, there is no better time to unite in showing our support to our fellow nationals in their businesses and performances. As Malaysia Baharu, we do this to show the world the stuff that Malaysia is capable of. 

To all our fellow Sydneysiders

We live in a time of change and globalisation that can be both exciting and scary. But it is such an oh-so-wonderful time to live in. Sydney is a vibrant city teeming with surprises and joys, enrichened rather than weakened, by its diversity and acceptance of all cultures and races. There is no better time than now to develop a better mutual understanding of cultures and contributing to celebrating what is truly a heart of diversity.

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Team Members

Ikhwan Masri

Amirul Hakimi

Andrew Goh

Ellen Loh

Jeng Yee Foong

Leashitaa Sivadass