Marlboro Elementary Disc Golf Course

By Marlboro Elementary School

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A little bit of context

Disc golf is the fastest growing sport in the U.S. both because it is fun and also because it is accessible to people from diverse economic backgrounds, fitness levels, and cognitive abilities. We are bringing disc golf to Marlboro Elementary in the form of a 6-hole kids’ course. This will provide our kids with another great sport to play on campus as well as increase our attractiveness to prospective junior high students who might elect to come to MES because it is the only regional school with disc golf!

But there’s a problem

Principal Wayne has already secured $2300 for high-quality baskets. A grant is in the works that should cover many other supplies (discs, tee signs etc), but we need $500 now to pay for shipping the baskets and buying concrete so we can install our course before the ground freezes.

You can join us in making this happen

Let's all chip in to make our $500 shortfall disapear fast and get this course in the ground by mid-October! Thank you!

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