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After 50 Shades of Grey, Yin started getting phone calls.

As a professional dominatrix in New York City who was avidly blogging about BDSM, spirituality, and her intersecting identities as a queer Chinese-American woman, Yin was a quick target for TV networks who saw a market and wanted "more of that."

But Yin was firm: "My story is not for sale. I am only interested if I can write it myself, in my own words."

And so she did: a full pilot episode and an entire pitch for a season. People got excited. But soon it became clear that mainstream TV didn't want the intersectional, vulnerable, nuanced story; they wanted the whitewashed, cleaned up, easily digestable version.

So Yin said no. That chapter was closed. Until now...

Because now, with the backing of an all femme production team committed to art activism, MERCY MISTRESS is finally being born.

MERCY MISTRESS is a webseries based on the memoirs of a Chinese-American professional and lifestyle dominatrix living in New York City.


- intended to tantalize, to teach, and to destigmatize the shame that shrouds kink sexuality

- a story about a woman's work, written by a woman, and made by women, queer, trans, non-binary and POC folks

- a story that represents diversity, strong Asian-American characters, and sex positive activism


MERCY MISTRESS is comprised of two worlds.

The first world is Mistress Yin’s BDSM studio, "The Dojo", a serene space where sexuality, identity, pain, and pleasure coexist. A space that represents both the extremes of a leather dungeon and also the gentle nuances of sensuality, respect and care.

To some this space is a temple, where they go for rituals of transcendence. To others it is a therapist's’ office, where they tap into their hidden identities. To others it is an addiction, their secret thrill ride.

The parallel world in MERCY MISTRESS is the outer world of Yin's and the clients’ lives, where each character struggles to maintain their secrets. Power dynamics are often confusing; pain and humiliation are non-consensual; control is an illusion.

Each episode focuses on a particular kink participant and their slice of life: Where their proclivities developed from and how they balance (or don’t balance) their kinks with their every day realities.

Every relationship calls into question: Who is in control?

We believe in creating beautiful stories and we believe in paying our artists.

Your contributions will be going towards:

  1. Production costs (gear, lighting, camera rentals, transportation etc)

  2. Marketing (website, PR team, design)

  3. Paying the artists and crew

The $75K from this campaign will go towards creating the pilot episode which we are scheduled to shoot in January 2018. The pilot will subsequently be used to gain momentum and secure production to continue the series.

Who we are

Collective Sex is a feminist production team committed to destigmatizing and ending shame around our stories about sex, body, intimacy and identity.

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"Why I Made A Show About My Life As A Kink Dominatrix" - A Women's Thing

"Mercy Mistress: Reclaiming BDSM and Kink From Big Media" - Slutist

"Three Distinctions Between Mercy Mistress and Big Media's Take On Kink" - Honeysuckle Mag

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