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Who we are

The Melbourne Therapy Centre (MTC) is a well established Accredited General Medical and Therapeutic Practice. We provide integrative and conventional medicine and therapies that promote the healing of the body, mind and soul.

The MTC is staffed by an experienced group of integrative and anthroposophical GP’s, Nurses, Therapists and Allied Health Practitioners. Located in leafy Warranwood, adjacent to the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School, the Centre is a unique, beautiful and nurturing place for all.

Founded in 1986 by a group of dedicated volunteers and managed by the Melbourne Therapy Association as a non-profit organisation; the Centre promotes Anthroposophical Medicine, as indicated by Rudolf Steiner, Ph. D. 1861-1925 and developed by Dr Ita Wegman 1867-1943. Rudolf Steiner’s philosophies also encompass Steiner Education and Biodynamic farming.

Why we are an important part of the community

For more than three decades the MTC has served our local neighbourhood and communities across Melbourne and Australia with a strong commitment to restorative and preventative healthcare. Our beautiful garden and warm friendly atmosphere create a nurturing space for individuals and families, young and old, to be supported through holistic professional healthcare.

As an Accredited General Practice for more than 10 years, the Centre meets the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Standards for General Practice and allows the GP’s working at the MTC to supervise medical students, thereby contributing to the education of future medical practitioners.

How we are planning to expand

From small beginnings 33 years ago, our founders and dedicated doctors and therapists established what has become a well loved integrative health and medical centre. Now the next phase of the MTC’s physical and spiritual journey awaits.

As new doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and therapists join us, the centre needs to expand to address the increasing community demand. This expansion will continue to embody the values and aims envisioned by one of our founders.

 “Where would I go where there was fresh air, sunshine, flowers, where there were places to walk, to sit beneath the trees – where I could breathe in the life of the earth? To bring such a place into being is our aim.” - Maxine Hewitt - from the first MTC newsletter, September 1982.

Over the next 2-3 years the MTC is building:

  • Extra consulting rooms
  • Expanding our medical/nursing treatment area
  • A new multi-purpose therapy room

How you can get involved/support us

As a not-for-profit organisation, the MTC is crowdfunding to support this expansion over the next few years. To make this happen we need to raise at least $70,000 (stretch goal of $100,000) this year, which is why we’re reaching out to the community.

Your donation, whether it’s big or small, $5 or $500, will be crucial to the success of this important expansion into the Centre’s next stage of development.

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