Support and hope for childhood trauma, abuse and neglect

By Blue Knot Foundation

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Megan* didn't understand why she was so angry, had been crippled by anxiety since adolescence, and constantly felt shame.

She had struggled her whole life building relationships. And when she couldn't be there emotionally for her young son, she wondered how she could possibly go on. Megan's life had fallen apart and she didn't know where to turn or what to do.

1 in 4 Australian adults have experienced childhood trauma, abuse and neglect.

That's more than 5 million people. People just like Megan.

Megan attended a Blue Knot Foundation Survivor Workshop last month in Perth, W.A.

"Finally undertanding why I felt like this - and being in a safe space with other people who were also struggling - helped me so much. I could relate to them. I realise now that it isn't my fault, what happened, [that] I can finally heal."

There is support. There is hope.

The demand for our Survivor Workshops continues to grow; we currently have 156 people on a waitlist, with others requesting help too. Every day we receive phone calls, emails and thank you notes from adults helped by our programs.

"[The Workshop] was immensely beneficial and worth more than all the counselling I've had over the past 15 years."

Recovery cannot, and does not, occur in isolation.

As we plan this year's Survivor Workshop schedule, please join us in supporting people like Megan by making a tax-deductible donation to our annual appeal. It will benefit people who have experienced childhood trauma, abuse and neglect - through no fault of their own.

We need to raise $72,000 to provide a Survivor Workshop in every State and Territory, free of charge to attendees.

Please help fund more Survivor Workshops and play a vital role in supporting positive change.

Thank you on behalf of people like Megan, and so many others needing our support.

My warmest regards,

Dr Cathy Kezelman AM
President, Blue Knot Foundation

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