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UPDATE: I am so humbled and proud to have made my campaign target with more than 48 hours to go. I have increased my campaign target in hopes to expand the #MeetFadak national speaking tour to make it bigger and better than ever! Please support me as I tell the real stories of refugees in Australia.


My name is Fadak Alfayadh and I am a 25-year-old lawyer and community advocate on a mission to embark on Australia’s first ever refugee-led national speaking tour.

I want every Australian to #MeetFadak and hear my story in my own words, but I need your support to make it happen.

15 years ago, I arrived in Australia as a 10-year-old refugee fleeing the invasion of Iraq. I have since grown up with the politics of secrecy, division and injustice that has dominated the conversation with misrepresentations about what it truly means to be a refugee.

I’m tired of having the Australian government tell my story. It’s time I reclaimed it.

I want every Australian to meet me as I share my story in my own words, and collect the powerful stories of lived experience from refugees whose voices should be heard the loudest.

I am supported by Road to Refuge in partnership with Mums 4 Refugees & Maurice Blackburn as we aim to raise $10,000 to bring my storytelling campaign to the forefront of communities all around Australia.

Today, I ask you to stand with me and pledge your support to the #MeetFadak campaign, to tell the real stories of refugees in Australia.

What does the money do?

    1. Reaching New Communities - I have already locked in 4 stops for my speaking tour and with your help, I will be able to cover the costs that will enable me to travel across every corner of the country
    2. Uncover New Stories - Through my speaking tour, I want to give other people from refugee communities a nationwide platform, collecting the untold stories of resilience and strength in other communities. I want to film the tour and create a documentary about these stories.
    3. Sustain My Advocacy - I want to shift opinions and the conversation in Australia about refugees, but change requires a sustained effort. I want this campaign to last long-term until Australia’s policies change.

Thanks also to LUSH Australia and Who Gives A Crap for providing me with additional perks for free in support of my campaign.

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