MAYA's Race to Raise 2018

By Palmera Projects

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You are a woman in rural Sri Lanka. Having endured civil war, you are now responsible for providing for your family, often unsupported. You and your children face the all too real risk of poverty, violence and isolation.

Many of these women are trapped in a cruel cycle. In order to make impossible ends meet, they are often forced to endure physical and sexual abuse or fall victim to human trafficking.

And on top of it all, they face this alone.

But there's an opportunity...

An opportunity to rewrite their story.

A chance to give their children a new future. 

A door opened by you. 

Palmera Projects are an incredible not-for-profit organisation that has stepped into the lives of these women in need, establishing projects that build sustainable livelihoods. 

Palmera connects vulnerable women to technologies and infrastructure to produce an independent income. With financial stability, these women can build a safe home and environment for themselves and their families. Projects are structured to ensure that after 5 years of Palmera's aid, these women, their families and their community are able to stand on their own feet- never requiring our assistance again. 

The benefits of enabling financial independence extend beyond the obvious and including reducing domestic violence, child abuse, human trafficking and improving mental health outcomes.

And that's where you come in

On Sunday the 4th of February 2018, our team at MAYA Youth in Performing Arts are partnering with Palmera Projects to hold MAYA's Annual Raise to Race. Teams of 4 will race through the streets of Sydney's CBD collecting clues, solving puzzles and completing challenges. Last year it was a blast, and this year it's going to be even bigger and better.

We need you to join us and become an advocate for Palmera Projects. Raise upwards of $400 as a team (i.e. $100 per person) to be a participant in this race OR donate to support one of the incredible teams helping these women rewrite their stories!


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