Global Nonviolence Education by Radio

By World Liberation Radio c/o Social Good Fund

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Here’s what others are saying about World Liberation Radio:

“World Liberation Radio is an extremely rare opportunity to change the planet’s future for the better.”

         - Jack Healey, former director, Amnesty International USA

“Mr. Steinman's idea of marrying nonviolence to shortwave radio in this way represents a novel contribution to the field of peacemaking and conflict management with potentially broad impact.”

         - Richard W. Carlson, US Ambassador (ret.), former director, Voice of America

“Ideas can be introduced and inspiring stories recounted.  Even some idea of the various methods available, and how they "work" can be presented…Your idea for use of radio is good.”

         - Dr. Gene Sharp, founder, Albert Einstein Institution

Our mission and vision:

  • World Liberation Radio is pioneering a new way to use an old-fashioned technology—radio—to teach oppressed people how to use nonviolence to free themselves.
  • Radio is the most widely accessible medium inside dictatorships. Yet its potential for teaching nonviolence has not been exploited.
  • This crowdfunding campaign is for a pilot project to demonstrate radio is an effective and scalable way to teach the world’s oppressed how to use non-violence to free themselves.
  • The number of free countries is diminishing. Dictatorship is regaining respectability and influence at a rate not seen since the 1930s, though it is a cause of most of the wars, humanitarian disasters, and global instability. Our children and our children’s children will inherit a much darker world than the one we know today unless this trend is reversed.
  • Nonviolence is the most humane and cost-effective method for replacing dictatorship with democracy.
  • Nonviolence is a proactive form of economic and psychological warfare that removes the pillars of support on which a dictatorship relies until it dissolves.
  • Yet most oppressed and disenfranchised people do not understand how to use nonviolence effectively for self-liberation. One major reason is that current nonviolence instruction mostly relies on distributing printed materials and the Internet, media with poor penetration inside dictatorships due to repression and censorship.
  • By empowering the oppressed, nonviolence education can promote peace, social justice and economic development around the globe.
  • We will start with a single-country pilot project. If the data generated by the study's survey is promising, we will seek funding to expand the pilot project to other countries.
  • Ultimately, we hope to broadcast nonviolence instruction into every dictatorship. Our goal is for all oppressed individuals to know how to free themselves.
  • We see a world where dictatorship is a thing of the past because its support is gone. A free world.

That vision is what led the WLR team to start this crowdfunding campaign. It’s a great experiment that may literally change the future.

Please donate today because a peaceful planet requires a global population equipped with nonviolence know-how.

You can make a difference right now.

Thank you :)

David Steinman, founder, and the WLR Team


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Team Members

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