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By Democracy in Colour

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Time for change is now.

The marriage equality postal survey is deliberately divisive. We know that opponents of equality are relying on us to fight amongst ourselves. We know they want us to think marriage equality is a white, inner-city, middle-class issue that has nothing to do with people of colour. And we know they’re wrong.

LGBTI people are also people of colour.

We live in the suburbs, in regional areas and in cities. We grow up surrounded by our culture, religions and communities. And we also face unique struggles. LGBTI people of colour live at the intersection of racism, homophobia and transphobia, and we’re often forced to choose between our culture and our sexuality.

The 'No' Campaign

is relying on people of colour to vote ‘No’. Opponents of equality are relying on tired stereotypes and manipulative campaigning to portray our communities and cultures as inherently homophobic. And they will use this to try and get people of colour to vote ‘No’ or not at all. We’re going to prove them wrong. The key to winning this is having conversations. We’re in a unique position as LGBTI people of colour: we can show our families, friends and neighbours that when they’re voting, they’re voting for us. But we can’t do this without you.

With your donation we can fund:

  • Phonebanking sessions that provide a space for people of colour to call into their communities to explain why they’re voting for equality.
  • Translated and culturally relevant materials that make the case for equality Print and online advertising in diverse languages.
  • A full-time paid campaigner for the duration of the postal survey to coordinate and implement our organising strategy.

We’ve only got ten days to fund the campaign so this won’t happen without you, your friends and your family chipping in today.

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