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Let's face it / Lo admitimos

We know how tired you are of people promising you heaven and then charging you incredible amounts of money for a post or an email, we are tired of that, why would you need somebody trying to play with you when you can learn and do it yourself.

Sabemos lo cansado que estás de tener gente prometiendo el cielo y luego nada! Mejor te enseñamos como hacerlo por ti mismo/a.

The problem/ El Problema

Those who start or have a dream do not have access to the amount of money Marketing requires, those bills with thousands of $$$ that only celebrities can pay. If you have social media, you have all you need to make your dream come true.

Todos cuando empiezan no tienen acceso a grandes cantidades de dinero, esas facturas imposibles de empresas de Marketing. Pero si tienes redes sociales, tienes todo para cumplir tu sueño.

What we’re doing about it /

Lo que estamos haciendo

We are offering you our experience through courses, e-books and resources, as well as online training at the cheapest price online!

Some of our team members have studied Marketing at Oxford, also have worked with Artists, Musicians, Business and Brands from around all the planet! Check our Perks to start learning Marketing right now! //

Te ofrecemos nuestra experiencia a través de cursos, e-books y otros aparte de entrenamiento online al precio más barato.

Algunos de nuestro miembros han estudiando Marketing en Oxford, trabajado con artistas, músicos, empresas y marcas de todo el planeta.

Join us / Como Unirte

All the money collected will be used to keep growing and make Marketing more accesible for you and others, to keep creating more courses and helping others like you. We'll be happy to hear your story and help you out!

Todo el dinero recogido será usado para seguir creciendo y hacer Marketing más accesible para it y para otros, para continuar creando más cursos y ayudar a otro como tú. Estaremos encantados de ayudarte y escuchar tu historia.

Here are some perks! /

Algunos Beneficios!

We have 3 Main branches:

. Digital (Social Media related)

. Music (for all Independent Musicians and Producers)

. General Marketing (For Brands, Business and Individuals)

Some of our E-books will give you secrets and techniques for Instagram, Facebook, Google etc... others will teach you how to create your ads, others even how to design and edit your own empire from 0, create your website and even sell to others online.

We're here for you!

Tenemos 3 Ramas Principales:

. Digital (Relacionado con redes sociales)

. Musical (Para artistas independientes, productores y músicos)

. Marketing General (Para Marcas, empresas e Individuales)

Algunos de nuestro E-books te darán secretos y técnicas de IG, FB, Google etc... otros te enseñarán como crear tus anuncios o como diseñar tu imperio desde 0.

Estamos aquí para ti!

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