Mark Clemens - "The Field of Dreams" A Book of Essays and Photographs

By Mark Clemens

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Mark Clemens - The Field of Dreams.

The Field of Dreams is the first book ever written about Mt. Field, Tasmania’s oldest national park and one of Australia’s most beloved.

The book is a series of essays describing journeys on foot into this exceptional national park. They delve deeply into the personal and universal connection with natural places.

As award-winning Australian author Heather Rose writes in her Foreword to the book "These are Mark's dreams in his words and pictures. These are the years he has spent observing and walking Mt Field. He has seen the liquid clouds on a lake, the supple bark of trees and the folds of age in rocks. He has observed the land from high and low, spent hours in darkness on starry, starry nights, and seen dawn break the horizon. He has thought of history and homage. He has observed nature as fragile, determined, robust, worn, majestic, vulnerable."

The Field of Dreams visually renders the wonder of Mt. Field with 44 of Mark's magical landscape photographs.

The 29th of August 2016 marks the centenary of the proclamation of Tasmania's oldest national park, Mt. Field National Park. The Field of Dreams celebrates this historic occasion.

The Field of Dreams will be an extraordinary book to own and to gift.

Why this campaign?

In April this year Mark Clemens was diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

Before his life as a writer and photographer Mark worked for many years in social welfare - including providing care to the sick and dying; torture/trauma counselling for refugees; support to victims of violent crime; suicide prevention training and suicide post-vention support.

The writing, photography, design and editing of The Field of Dreams is complete and the book has now been printed. It was successfully launched by First Nation elder Jim Everett on August 29, 2016 at Hobart's State Cinema and is available in good bookstores throughout Tasmania.

We now have the opportunity to support Mark in this endeavour.

Mark needs your help.

We are asking for your help to raise $26,000 of the $36,000 required for the printing of the book. This is almost certainly going to be Mark's last book. Please help us celebrate both Mark and Mt Field.

And to thank you for your support...

An enticing array of Perks is being offered, including:

A copy of 'The Field of Dreams', signed by Mark Clemens and posted anywhere in Australia.

A copy of 'The Field of Dreams' and a copy of Mark's earlier book, 'The Mountain', signed by Mark Clemens and posted anywhere in Australia.

A 16" x 24" print of Horseshoe Falls by Greg Power, resident photographer at Mt Field.

Any print from 'The Field of Dreams', signed by Mark and delivered anywhere in Australia.

A photographic day tour of Mt Field with Greg Power, resident photographer at Mt Field.

A framed 20" x 20" archival print of an incredible twisted snow gum at Mt Field by the legendary Peter Dombrovskis.

A framed 24" x 30" archival print of the iconic Morning Mist at Rock Island Bend, by Peter Dombrovskis.

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