Veteran Maritime Warrior Project

By Grant Monaghan

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First project of its kind in Australia, a unique operation.

Mission is to give serving & ex-service members and their familes (who are always effected) of the armed forces and emergency services, returned, wounded, injured and ill veterans a place to come and unwind, relax, discover a new purpose or direction in life and rediscover purpose and sence of team.

Donations go directly to bringing in our commercially registered seagoing sailing vessel for the veteran Maritime Warrior project and first wave of cruises for our charity partners and veteran courses. Contracts are in place, monies have been laid down, dates have been set for spring.

Veterans can participate, up skill and if they wish give back to community. They'll crew our philanthropy Maritime Warrior cruises for other not for profits and charities to help with their causes. The power of giving is powerful.

We're raising funds to go directly into the purchase of the vessel to be crewed and maintained by ex-military & first responder veterans (Maritime Warriors) and their families.

We offer a non-judgemental place to come while having an opportunity to gain experience and qualifications in a field away from the 'field'. The upskilled veterans will in turn crew the vessel for commercial operations within the tourism sector.

Social responsibility will see us give back to community by hosting not-for-profits on regular free charter days and fund raising events, this will be funded from the tourism charter side of the operation.

Project participants will again be working in a challenging, rewarding but an enjoyable team environment. The same environment a lot of us struggled to find after service life.


It's well recognised that the outdoors and in particularly the water provide physical, mental and emotional therapy for people. Crewing, navigating, shipboard safety, sailing, small boat handling and marine engineering are just a number of skills which are learnt, and each come with formal qualifications. These can give someone a purpose which leads to self-worth, this can be a coping mechanism when struggling the long-term effects of injury, anxiety, depression or PTSD.

We'll guide, train and upskill crew on the pathway of attaining marine qualifications for careers in the maritime industry. This is a practical, well structured project which does not stop after a days sailing or cruising.


Crew remaining 'onboard' will rotate through paid and volunteer positions during their upskilling period. Warriors will pass on the knowledge by conducting recreational power boat and jet ski licences to 'new' members, this includes immediate family members at cost. These courses are open to those still serving as a revenue raising venture.

Not upskilling? Warriors can simply cruise with us on our tourist days (free of charge by entering a unique code on our online booking system). they can relax and soak up the vitamin D while listening to the sounds of water lapping against the hull or increase their competence levels and sea-time required for their qualifications. Immediate family or support person at cost.


The Crew, have all worked in high tempo and stressful environments. They understand the demanding expectations and responsibility to continually perform at the highest levels. They also understand that working continually under pressure can take its toll.

Appreciating the importance of individual and family wellness and life work balance, we're in good stead to guide other veterans and their families on the same journey thus allowing them to have a relaxed and fulfilling day with us.

Our team will guide tourists and corporate customers on charters which will help fund our philanthropy days. Our tourism operations will include island adventures, whale watching, overnight snorkel tours of reefs and wrecks, private parties, corporate functions etc.


Philanthropy Maritime Warrior days will see us host twelve+ not-for-profit organisations, each enjoying a free day charter designed for their 'clients' once a quarter. They will then have full and free use of the crewed vessel that night to conduct a fundraising sunset wine and cheese event (or cocktail party). As the operation matures we aim to double our philanthropy days.

Not-for-profit organisations initially supporting includes Rural Aid (Buy a Bale), Soldier On, Children’s Hospital Foundation, Wounded Hero's, Wandering Warriors, Variety Club, Mates4Mates, Kookabara Kids, Legacy, Salvation Army, Navy Clearance Divers Trust, The Special Air Service Resources Fund.

Bio - Grant's a returned veteran who served as a Navy Clearance Diver then jumped ship and deployed on multiple operations including Afghanistan as an SAS Soldier. After leaving full time service he worked in tourism as a Sea World Diver. He'll be skippering the project with support from him wife Deb, head of customer service and crew lead. Deb comes from a family rich in military history, which includes both parents who served in the Air Force.

Grant's currently attached to a Soldier Recovery Centre as a reservist supporting serving members through holistic wellness programs. Members present with a range of issues in the wounded, injured and ill space, usually complex cases which are too difficult to be manage in their own units. When guiding troops through a range of off-base activities Grant noted positive changes in mindset when in and around water and the great outdoors. The Maritime Warrior project want to amplified this through the Project.

Grants civi job
has him working mostly in the victims of crime space, usually in high risk domestic or family violence cases. He sees first hand how the philanthropy sector drives change and has a positive influence on people's lives hence the thirst to help others.


This is where YOU come in, to show our deepest appreciation when you contribute $$ you'll be known as a 'Plank Owner'. In recognition of our partnership, you'll receive rite of passage on the Maritime Warrior yacht for charters to the value of your contribution by entering a redeemable code when booking online (i.e. pre-ticket sale), or gift your tickets to one of our supported charities through our gift and recognition portal.

You'll be presented a serial numbered plank owners 'challenge coin' and crew T shirt in person on launch day (or by mail anywhere in the world), serial numbered coins will be presented in sequential order starting with the largest donation down to date order (donations $100 & over). All accumulated donations will remain in trust until such time those funds are accessed for launch.


Senator Stuart Robert MP, member for Fadden (Gold Coast) is a returned veteran. The Senator has extensive experience in Veteran Affairs and very supportive of veteran activities. We fully intend to leverage off him for support and reach into the community.

5 years of planning, this project has matured from conception to full business model, including our own upskilling. Our goal is to be fully operational September 2019. The Invictus Games October 2018 held in Sydney, Australia continually raised awareness of veteran activities, we intend to keep the momentum going.

PLEASE share this unique campaign :)



Photos courteous of (in order of appearance);

- ADBR - The British crew of the Invictus Games Sydney 2018
- Veterans on tall ship, Turn to Starboard crew set sail on round-Britain challenge - photo Mark Hardaker
- Chart work, OCC Sailing
- Sydney harbour, Clipper Around the World
- Whale watching, Queensland Blog
- Tallship training, Sail World and OHPRI
- Engine room checks, Steve D'Antonio Marine Consulting
- Prince Harry, Dean Lewins AAP
- Tangalooma wrecks, Queensland Blog
- Engine room training, The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
- Team SCA Women_Mizzfit
- Boat repairs, Xtreme Marine
- Emergency training, Grant Monaghan
- On watch, Grant Monaghan

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