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For more than 4 years, the Australian government has been detaining men inside the detention centre on Manus Island, PNG in conditions that the UN and other international human rights organisations have repeatedly condemned as Torture and other inhuman, cruel and degrading treatment.

In April 2016, the PNG Supreme Court found the detention of men in PNG to be unconstitutional. Despite this, the Australian government has refused to uphold the men's human rights and bring them to safety in Australia, and is now seeking to abandon them in PNG.

Only a small number of men have been resettled in the US, and there is as yet no clear timeline for when the remaining men will be resettled or a plan for those who cannot go to the US.

The Australian government has this week closed all services inside the detention centre, including food, water, power and toilet facilities, despite there being over 600 men still living inside the detention centre, and them having no safe place to go.

The Australian government is trying to force the men to move into accommodation at three locations in the nearby town of Lorengau, despite some of that accommodation not being complete and livable yet.
Frequent and severe attacks on the men, both inside detention and  in the Lorengau township have left them certain that they are not safe and fearful for their lives if they are shifted to accommodation in town, where they have less security than at the detention centre, and where arrangements for medical care and basic necessities such as food, are lacking and uncertain.

Local leaders have warned that the men's safety is indeed at risk should they be forced into town, and the Australian government will not guarantee the men's safety, claiming it is an issue for PNG authorities now.

The men are in an impossible situation - not safe in town, and not safe at the detention centre - but they feel that they are safer in the detention centre than they are in town, even without food, water, power, healthcare and sanitation.

The men are now days into a situation where they have no food, no safe drinking water save what rain water they have been able to collect in rubbish bins, and where the lack of power means there are no working toilets or showers. They have no medical care in the detention centre.

The situation is an abosolute crisis.

And we need your support to do something about it.

Gifts for Manus and Nauru are working with partners on the ground in Manus Island to get emergency food and drinking water, and other necessities to the men, but it take funds to get enough food, water and necessary equipment for over 600 men.

Thanks to generous donors we have some initial funds to start the process, but we need more for ongoing support over the coming days.

Please dig deep. We need to support the men with their physical need for food and water.
We need to show the men that we are standing with them.
And we need to show the Australian government that We Are Watching, and that we will not stand by while they behave in this atrocious and incredibly cruel manner.

The men must have food, water and power reinstated immediately, and they must be brought to safety in Australia.

Any remaining funds beyond what is needed for this emergency action will be put towards our other programs for the people at Manus and Nauru (phone credit, material goods and financial assistance accessing medications).

***One the 23rd and 24th of November the men were forcefully moved to compounds in town. We continue to need to provide support to the men, including food and other supplies, medication, phone credit, and also replacing phones, clothing and other belongings that immigration destroyed or stole during the forced removals.


Gifts for Manus and Nauru Incorporated is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.
ABN: 13886323063. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

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