Help Maningrida women get to Paris!

By Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation

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We have hit our initial target, however we are still gratefully accepting your donations.

Any additional funds will be allocated to important Paris project expenses, such as accommodation in Paris for two weeks, producing a catalogue for our exhibition, freight and transport while in Paris.

Thank you to everyone who has donated thus far.

Project brief:

This October, Bábbarra Women’s Centre’s textiles will be exhibited at the Australian Embassy in France.

Our campaign is supporting the various costs of producing this exhibition, and of getting five artists and two managers/curators over to France to be part of the exhibition opening and to share our story with the world.

Campaign timing: 18th June- 23rd July (NAIDOC and EOFY)

We have timed our campaign to be during end of financial year, so a good time to donate.

It is also NAIDOC week 7-14 July during our campaign, so a great chance to do a fundraising event at your workplace or with friends to support our cause!
Your donations will support:

1. Travel items:
suitcases, passport wallets, warm clothing, shoes, socks, medication etc.

2. Travel costs in Paris:
metro tickets, food, gallery entry, accommodation for Darwin stopover, and other expenses

3. Various passports costs:
Passport photos, birth certificate fees, fuel to drive from Maningrida to Darwin, accommodation

4. Creating the exhibition:
printing the exhibition, freight to France, creating audio visual material, catalogue, postcards

5. Back-up in Maningrida:
Cost of one support person helping us continue printing operations in Maningrida with our other amazing artists unable to travel to Paris

Our exhibition

The exhibition is titled ‘Jarracharra’ meaning dry season winds in Burarra, one of our languages from Maningrida. Jarracharra has been co-curated by Jessica Phillips, a Burarra woman from Blyth river country and Ingrid Johanson, Manager of Bábbarra Women’s Centre.

Our exhibition features textile works from artists from 12 Indigenous language groups. The chance for us to travel to ‘Jarracharra’ will ensure that our artists are key in representing their own works.


We already have support from Australia Council for the Arts (accommodation and some tickets), and the Australian Embassy (supporting the gallery space) and Arts NT.

We are crowdfunding for the other fundamental costs to make this project is possible.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

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Team Members

Ingrid Johanson

Deborah Wurrkidj

Elizabeth Kala Kala

Janet Marawarr

Jecinta Lami Lami

Jennifer Wurrkidj

Jessica Phillips