Making a House into a Home

By Project Independence Ltd

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Who we are:

Project Independence (PI) is a not for profit organisation that provides not only houses but homes where disadvantaged and vulnerable people can fulfil the need for shelter, safety, belonging and self- esteem. Permanent, stable and caring accommodation options are often a dream for people with a disability. PI offers this and more with the opportunity for residents to become owners and take control of their accommodation options.

Who makes it all happen?

Glenn Keys - parent of a child with a disability, NDIA Board Member, 2015 ACT Australian of the Year, inspirational leader and business owner.

David Carr- building and design expert, with years of experience of designing and building homes for people with a disability

David Hill - disability expert, parent of a child with a disability, a masters in education and years of volunteering experience.

Joseph Yeung- legal and accounting, ensures our governance is strong and durable moving into the future.

Rachel Waddington - grass roots on the ground support for residents and their families.

Why we do what we do?

People with disabilities and in particular people with an intellectual disability are often dependent on the care provided by family in meeting their most basic needs.

As parents age and/or family care is no longer available then those important 3 questions are asked;

1.Where will my child live when I die?

2.Will my child be safe?

3.Will my child be alone?

For a parent of a child with a disability these questions are not easily answered.

Options such as an aged care facility or a Government run group home severely restricts any choice or control that the person with the disability has over their lives and gives little if any opportunity for social growth. Lifestyle choices that ordinary Australians take for granted such as being able to enter and leave your accommodation when you want without signing in or out, the ability to leave permanently if you want to or having choice over what food you eat and when you eat are all freedoms not possible in these types of accommodation.

How is PI different?

PI offers choice and control for all its residents. Residents choose to be in a PI home and they choose if and when they would like to leave.PI can be used as a permanent place for life or as a stepping stone to full independence. With their own private court yard, ensuite, bedroom, lounge area, kitchenette and private entry and exits doors, they retain personal freedoms and lifestyle choices that is afforded any other ordinary Australian.

So is PI world changing?

Well actually YES WE ARE! One house at a time! It is a little known fact that people with an intellectual disability have the lowest rate of home ownership in Australia. PI is the first organisation of its kind in Australia where people with a disability and in particular people with an intellectual disability will be able to achieve ownership of a unit through ownership of a company share whilst living in a supported, person centred environment that encourages independence through financial and personal growth.

Why we need your help!

What makes a house a home? The people who live in it for sure, but it is also the small things, the photos on the side board, the comfy chair infront of the TV, the big dining room table where everyone gathers to share food, their daily lives and be part of the community that is a home and this is where your help is needed.

PI needs to furnish the homes that we build with everyday items such as fridges, washing machines, freezers, sofa’s, coffee tables and lots more.

So what are our targets

  • 1st - raise $10,000 for white goods including microwaves, fridges, toasters, kettles, washing machines & freezers.
  • 2nd - raise $8,000 for furniture, this will pay for dining room tables and chairs, couches, rugs, heaters and coffee tables
  • 3rd - raise $6000 for kitchen items, you know all the basics, pots, pans cutlery, mugs, plates, kitchen utensils, tea towels, oven mits, casserole dishes etc.
  • Should we be fortunate enough to reach the above 3 targets then our 4th is the design and planning of our 3rd home site. To make this dream a reality we need $40,000 to help us get off the ground. This money will assist us with designs, which in turn will ensure that our homes are environmentally sound, sustainable, accessible and adaptable, and meet the needs of the residents for now and in the future.

Why support us?

We know you are asked to put your hand in your pocket often which can sometimes put you in an awkward position when you have limited resources of your own. But sometimes that “just right” organisation pops up and you know that this is one that needs your support as they are doing great things and you will help them transform the lives of people with a disability one house at a time! Thank you for your support !

Residents of PI Latham are welcomed to the Latham Community by John a local resident

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Team Members

Rachel Waddington