Make Sale Moor Sparkle

By We Are Sale Moor CIC

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**UPDATE: Any money raised over the target will go toward next year's goal of spreading the light to the Holy Family School side of the Village!**

Due a fantastic response to the campaign offline, we have reduced our online target. We have raised enough money offline to have the lights we purchased in previous years re-installed. However, we still need to raise £800 online to cover the cost of having lights installed in the tree outside of Texaco on Northenden road. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND DONATE IF YOU CAN. THANK YOU!

A little bit of context

Founded in 2016, We Are Sale Moor’s vision is to be a thriving, safe and caring community. We are a group of residents who believe that Sale Moor is a great place to live but that it could be even better. We aim to bring the community together and to improve the appearance of Sale Moor. Our priorities were chosen following extensive consultation with residents and traders.

Here’s what we’re doing to make Sale Moor Sparkle

Sale Moor was in the dark in 2015, as Trafford Council, like many local authorities, stopped paying for Christmas lights. In 2016 we raised over £4,000 through an online crowdfunding campaign to hire lights for the village, in line with advice from the Council. However, we felt that hiring lights each year was not a diligent use of the community's generosity, and have instead decided to buy them. In 2017 we held a raffle that raised £1,500 to purchase our first lights. Last year we raised around £3,000 and were able to re-install our existing lights and have fairy lights permanently installed in two trees. Our plan is to fundraise annually to buy something new each year, eventually building up to a full complement of lights over the next five years.

You can join us

We are asking for donations to cover the costs of re-installing the lights we already own, which will cost around £1,000, and to permanently install fairy lights in two trees near the corner of Northerden road and Warrener Street, at a cost of around £2,000. We are hoping to raise this through contributions from local businesses and donations both online and in collection boxes in Village shops.

The target we've set is small but achievable, BUT we would like to smash this target and make Sale Moor sparkle!

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Team Members

Laura Fenton

Andrea Law

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