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A future in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) starts with inspiration and opportunity, will you help a child experience both at Dream Steam 2020? 

Children's early experiences shape what they imagine to be possible, and due to the great need for more diverse perspectives in STEM, black and brown children should be able to see themselves as such. 

Dream STEAM is a day where children of color can put on lab coats and explore the contributions of scientists, technologists, engineers, and other professionals that look like them.  The goal of this special day is to ignite a spark for learning in children with interactive science experiments, engineering challenges, and other hands-on activities!

A donation of $40 will help provide transportation, meals, and experiments and activities to inspire one child's STEAM dreams. 

Education is a core focus of The Oasis Project programming in Homewood because of its ability to change lives. Will you help provide an opportunity for a child to ignite their passions, deepen their educational experiences and begin preparing for a future that is unlocked by hard work, discipline, and access.

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