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Who are we?

The Make It Stop campaign is run by citizens from across the UK with a mix of political opinion, who believe politicians have made a mess of Brexit and everything that it stands for. We think that the only sensible option is to stop Brexit in its tracks.

Why are we doing this?

Any form of Brexit means we’ll still be arguing about it at home and in parliament for many years to come. The only way to Make It Stop is to Stop Brexit for good.

The upcoming General Election is unlikely to resolve the Brexit mess. If any pro-Brexit party wins a majority we’ll be into a long transition period and further negotiations on a trade deal, likely to be even more heated and complex than the withdrawal agreement.

So the answer is to vote tactically, for a party that supports either staying in the EU or a confirmatory referendum. It is important to keep the Conservatives and Brexit Party out of government because they both want the most damaging, divisive and time consuming Brexit possible.

What are we doing?

Over the next few weeks we will be targeting marginal constituencies up and down the country to unseat the Tory incumbent or prevent a Tory win. We will use social media, ad vans, street stalls and local campaign activity to do this. But we need your help!

Where will the funds go?

We have all the collateral for our 'Make It Stop' campaign set-up and ready to go. This includes designs for leaflets, t-shirts, stickers and much more. The money raised will go towards setting up face-to-face events in target contsituencies, producing leaflets to deliver to households and on street corners and advertising on social media. We don't have much time and we need to hit the ground running. We need funds to get these things into production. 

If we are lucky enough, in our wildest dreams, to get funding to last us past the election we will plough it into post-election campaigns towards stopping Brexit. 

How you can help

The bigger our fighting fund, the more effective our campaign. We want to target as many constituencies as possible. Please donate to our fundraiser and check out what else you can do via our website:

(NB. Payments will be processed by Dorset for Europe for the time being)

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Team Members


Gerard Burke

Louise Houghton

Petra Kopp

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Tim Joyce