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Global Greens Congress is almost here!

We're hugely excited for Global Greens Congress in Liverpool, UK, to be held in conjunction with the European Greens Congress from March 30 to April 2 this year. The programme is shaping up, the venue is booked, registrations are starting to come in…

We want it to be the best Congress so far

One of the reasons I'm so proud to work with the Global Greens is that we truly come from every corner of the globe. I love how readily we share our skills and experience with each other.

But in the current world, it's hard to avoid the knowledge that some of us, both as individuals and as organisations, are more privileged than others.

Some of our organisations have more money than others. It's easier for some of us to take time off or travel the distances required to attend Congress in person. Some of us are fluent in English and so have louder voices in discussions without meaning to.

Make Congress truly global

We want to open the experience of the Global Greens Congress up as widely as we can.

We can bring young people from places like Togo, Belarus, Brazil and Uganda to Liverpool so we can hear directly from them about their experiences as Greens and so they can participate fully in decisions we'll take together about the next steps in a complex world.

We can harness new technologies and set up live-streaming for keynote sessions and bring participants from around the world into Congress.

We can employ interpreters to help ensure the discussion reaches as many people as possible and make the conversation as accessible as we can.

We need your help

Nothing in life is free. We estimate we need at least €4000 to fly five young people to Liverpool and provide visa assistance and accommodation.

Livestreaming our key sessions — ‘The politics of hope’, ‘Democracy from grassroots to government’, ‘Tax justice’, and ‘From Paris to 1.5℃’ — direct to your sofa will cost us €3325. Every €25 you donate lets us stream an additional five minutes.

Professional interpreters cost money too. For simultaneous translation into English, French and Spanish, we estimate we'll need €8360 — each four minutes of interpreting costs €50.

You get our eternal thanks — and some cool rewards!

Every supporter will be thanked directly in a Facebook graphic and in our Global Greens report.

Donate €50 and we'll send you a personalised thank you card. €100 gets you all of the above plus a signed copy of the Global Greens book. Awesome supporters who donate €250 will get a limited edition T-shirt and superstar supporters who donate €1000 or more will a personalised video from me posted on our Facebook page and a gorgeous photograph to keep.

We encourage you to make a donation to Chuffed as well, but note that the amount is up to you.

Thank you so much for helping us make the 2017 Global Greens Congress the best it can be.

Margaret Blakers,
Global Greens Convenor

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