Nepal's First Private Retired Elephant Needs Your Help

By Association Moey

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These are our monthly expenses:

Lucky's food: coocked rice, grass,  banana trees, bamboos, branches, fruits, vegetables, molassses, vitamins: $ 400

Our two care takers salaries (mahouts), their lodging, meals, medical care, clothing, equipment: $ 600

Treats (fruits, vegetables) needed for daily positive reinforcement training: $ 100

Transportation of Lucky Kalis' food: $ 100 

Cleaning her manure and maintaining her bedding with a tractor: $ 50

Lucky urgently need the construction of a shelter to protect her from the burning sun on the big land: $2,000 USD


Captive elephants in Nepal spend their lives giving rides. When these elephants become weak and old, they are often sold to Temples in India where they live alone on chains for most of the day. Until now, the owners haven’t considered any other option.

When 60 year old Lucky Kali was no longer able to give rides, her owners were approached by Association Moey, Direct Aid Nepal and Dhruba Giri from Sapana Village Lodge. They agreed to lease Lucky for a new ethical alternative project where her needs are going to be the focus rather than send her to India.

This decision made history, and now Lucky Kali is the first privately-owned elephant in Sauraha to live most of her days walking without a mahout on her back, grazing on grasses and playing in the river with her new young friend Samrat Gaj at Sapana Village.

We hope that the success of this initiative will be an example for other elephant owners to follow.  This is only possible if tourists choose this non-contact style of elephant experience.

Lucky Kali represents the future!

Please join us on our journey as Lucky Kali leads the way to a new beginning for the elephants of Nepal along with their caregivers and their owners. Change takes time but with your support we can make sure that it is as smooth a transition as possible.  

Lucky Kali has worked her entire life, for the last 25 years giving rides to tourists in Chitwan.

Since her retirement, Lucky Kali lives at Sapana Village Lodge in Chitwan spending most of her time roaming in the grasslands and swimming at the river. She has become an Auntie to four-year-old elephant Samrat Gaj and spends as much time with him as she can, acting in a protective manner as elephants do when given the chance.  She has chosen favourite spots to shower herself in dust, plunge head-first into the river and munch on banana leaves.  

Our hope is that Lucky Kali's success will lead to similar retirement options for more of Chitwan's privately owned elephants. As more and more tourists prefer to see elephants living like Lucky Kali now does, more elephant owners will agree to this new life for their elephants. 

You can join us!

Non-profit organisations Association Moey and Direct Aid Nepal have developed a recent partnership to help Lucky Kali, and have a "lifelong elephant renting contract" which is a guarantee that she will never work again.

Direct Aid Nepal has covered the rental cost for her freedom for the first year. Association Moey is currently managing the project in Nepal and fundraising to cover all the ongoing costs involved in Lucky Kali's care.  We cannot do this without your help. 

Expenses include a nutritious diet for Lucky Kali and access to the big land for grazing, river access and mud bath, as well as food and housing for her two mahouts (care givers) and their salaries. These very basic costs add up to about $1,250 USD per month.

We are fundraising to secure 12 months of her care to know Lucky Kali will be content and secure for an entire year as she recovers from the trauma from her past life. No donation is too small.

Please give what you can to help Lucky Kali, and pave the way for the future of elephants in Nepal. 

Thank you for your ongoing support!

For more information visit our website:

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