London Night Walk for HoardingUK

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Hoarding behaviour impacts up to 4M people in the UK

Despite clinical recognition (DSMV, World Health Organisation) and legal status (Care Act 2014), too many people are still facing threats instead of getting support.

Director, Megan Karnes, is walking the Suffragette City London Night Walk to raise money for the charity.

Blitz, Evict...repeat...

As long as there are no clear support pathways which are funded, time appropriate and person-centred - the simplistic 'stuff focused' solutions will continue to cause psychological damage and, typically, make things worse.

HoardingUK is celebrating ten years of promoting choice and control

HoardingUK provides free, confidential phone support (therapeutic and practical), remote advocacy (working to get local services to engage or find a plan that works for the person outside statutory services), benefits support (we review and feed into any statutory assessments assuring the mental health and hoarding are given the recognition they deserve).

We're National in the sense that our services e.g. helpline (which is free, confidential and ongoing) is available to all. This is used to help people figure out for themselves how they want to move forward. We're, for instance, spearheading a National support group development project. Want to start a group? We'll help. If you want to find a local service (either through statutory or private organisations), we'll help. If you want to move forward on your own, our phone service works therapeutically and practically to help you to do so.

We are led by the people we serve only acting on instruction and with consent.

Becoming a member or donating helps us to bring people together to create a safe space

Our recent National Hoarding Conference, the first in the UK, launched a year-long programme of change.

If you donate £5 it covers the printing and postage for our iCount! campaign (, £10 covers the cost of a volunteer for our office for one half-day shift, with £20 you cover the cost of our national advocacy support for one hour (which can help up to four people-stopping eviction, children being taken into care and blit cleans).

A £50 donation pays for the facilitation of a local support group. We have committed to putting one group in each of the 30+ counties in the UK by our next conference (20th May 2019-Birmingham)

A £100 donation provides phone support for one person for one month delivered by a hoarding/psychological specialist who delivers therapeutic and practical support-empowering people to help themselves which results in personal and spatial change.

We think that no one deserves to be treated like rubbish

Help us to help people to help themselves out of this problem. By working with the person, their family/friends and services HoardingUK has successfully worked to find ways forward - out of the trauma and anxiety and into a clearer mind and space.

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