Little Women: Hedgepig's world premiere holiday adaptation

By Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre, Inc.

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Little Women

Perhaps you read it as a child. Maybe you met the book as an adult. Maybe you're waiting to see Hedgepig's version!

You can help us create a *world premiere* adaptation of this iconic American classic!

We're here to build an annual December tradition: a holiday show that you will bring your family and friends to year after year.

Imagine joining us in the home of the March's, sipping hot cocoa, nibbling on snowman cookies, and watching your favorite sister find her way through the world up close and personal. Plus, some audience sing-alongs!

And of course, we're doing it in a uniquely Hedgepig way. Fast, fun, playful & interactive with a fierce focus on the women and their individual journies!

Now, here's where you come in:

The play is cast. The writing team is finalizing the script. Our wood-paneled venue is ready. Our designers are dreaming big dreams.

We've raised over $7,500 for this production through grants, waffle-themed fundraisers, and the amazing generosity of indiviuals like you. Now, we need your help to get to the finish line.

Please channel the holiday spirit, make a generous donation, and be a part of makinge this world premiere a grand success.

Where does your donation go?

To the Artists!!
Please help us thank our actors, writers, and designers for their amazing work with a stipend! It is their passion, their dedication, and their talent that is at the heart of this holiday celebration of family, generosity, and love.

Also: Paying women matters.
We've all read the stats behind the pay gap -- and it exists in theater, too. We have an all-female team (cast, designers, writers). Let's *get* *them* *some* *dollars.*

The Team:

The cast:
Marmee: Desiree Baxter*+, Meg: Sara Hymes*+, Jo: Rachel Schmeling+, Beth: Ashley Kristeen Vega, Amy: Samanthia Nixon

Production Team:
Director/Adaptor: Brooke Viegut, Playwright/Dramaturg: Molly Horan, Scenic/Props Designer: Tekla Monson, Stage Manager: Lauren Jackson, Producer: Mary Candler*+, Associate Artistic Director: Emily Lyon+, Voice/Text Coach: Olivia Williamson*+, Dramaturgy Assistant: Emily Drossel

*Member of Actors Equity Association
*Member of Hedgepig's Ensemble

What's in it for you?

Your donation will get you a few neat things:

1. The awesome feeling of goodness when you support female artists.
2. The satisfaction of holiday generosity.
3. A tax-deduction.
4. A role in creating a WORLD PREMEIRE adaptation of an iconic classic.
5. Rad Perks (please see perks to the right -->)
6. The opportunity to sponsor an integral aspect of the production. (See below for sponsorship opportunities).

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Yep! We built a team of womxn to tell this powerful holiday story about women.

**Sponsored by George Reed**

A piano for Beth. She never asks for anything for herself.

A wig for Jo, ya know, for that iconic moment...

Jars and jars of Jam for Meg, so we can see a real meltdown.

Limes for Amy, so she can

$500 PAC SPONSOR, "Marmee for President 2020"
The creative team has decided that Marmee is our best candidate for 2020, so please sponor her PAC* so she can keep dishing out the best Mom advice the world has ever seen.

*Please note we are not actually involved in any political contributions toward Marmee. But we might talk about it and boast your support on Social Media.

Who Are We?

Thanks for asking. Founded in 2012, Hedgepig is an ensemble-based theatre company in NYC. We harness the power of a collective of artists with deep relationships and trust to elevate the voices of women in classical and classically inspired theatre. We work to inspire empathy.

We have a 16-member ensemble of professional actors and directors that works, trains, and plays together to develop those meaningful relationships.

Learn more about us on our website. But please donate first.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this project. We hope you will be a part of telling story -- and that we'll see you in December.

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Team Members

Mary Candler

Emily Lyon