Light Up the House!

By Mercy Home of Ohio

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Mercy Home's Light Up the House drive!

We know someone needs to be there for those precious women who are abandoned, homeless, unsupported, lost, maybe even cold and hungry...and pregnant.

We want to offer our support and love - and we can - through the work of organizations such as Mercy Home of Ohio - a loving place for at-risk pregnant women to call home.

Fight for Moms! Save the babies! Fight for Life! Light up the House!

Mercy Home of Ohio has purchased our first house and wants to get up and running. Working with a family of dedicated volunteers and precious friends, we are painting the home, cleaning and readying it for expecting moms and their new babies. So far, all of the work at Mercy Home has been carried out entirely by volunteers (Mercy Home has no paid staff); but a new major-wiring (behind-the-walls), and electric service upgrade is needed. This type of work requires a professional, certified electrician to do it. We can then push on to open our doors and provide lifesaving, nurturing services for the most vulnerable woman and children in our community.

But we can't do this alone. We can't do it without you. Please consider helping us meet our goal to get the house rewired and doors open.

Together, let's move the thermometer UP - and hit the goal!

You can join us...

The cost to upgrade the electric is $10,000. This is a full remodel job as we need to replace an entire house full of knob-and-tube wiring with new NM cable. We will be paying a certified electrician who gave us this quote to do the work.

Have you wanted to be a part of a movement that provides second chances for women and their unborn children? Well, this is that chance. Through your contributions, you can join a community that fights for women and fights for children who are seeking their next meal, a warm place to stay, and a helping hand. Together we can display hospitality to those in need and make the decision of choosing LIFE a reality. You can be a part of helping to make the world a little brighter by giving right now.

Join us and together, BE the light...


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