Libby's Koala Crusade 2019

By Rebecca

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Did you know that koalas are listed as a "Vulnerable" species?
Experts say this is inaccurate and that they should be listed as "endangered."

Habitat destruction is the biggest threat to koalas. Carers are working around the clock to care for, protect and rehabilitate koalas. QLD and NSW are doing it tough with disease and severe loss of habitat leading to car strikes and dog attacks as they search for safety, homeranges and food. Experts now estimate that they could be extinct in the wild (in NSW & QLD) by 2050 unless we do something now to protect them and their habitats.
But its also a very similar story in Victoria. Victorian koalas are seemingly "over populated" with loosing so much habitat and in the north, they are dying from sarcoptic mange. This mange is currently a death sentence for koalas that find themselves with it. No Treatment- No Cure!

The problem-

99% of rescuers/groups get NO government funding or support. It is up to them to care for and pay for rehabilitation for koalas and other wildlife. Without public donations, thousands of animals will suffer, die and there is a risk of extinction for many species.

Here’s what I am doing about it

I am raising money for two wildlife groups.

Janet Murray is a koala carer and rescuer in MacArthur in Western Victoria. She does amazing work at rescuing and rehabilitating koalas. She is also a passionate advocate for them. Many of the koalas in this region live in Bluegum plantations. They often find themselves wandering through farmlands where they encounter machinery or farm dogs.

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Dutch Thunder wildlife shelter in Koonoomoo. They have discovered that koalas are dying from Sarcoptic Mange. In just over a year, they have had 85 cases (all fatal) in a 30km stretch of the Murray River. They have launched a SAVE OUR KOALAS campaigne to raise money to find treatment, cause and prevention. My money will go towards finding the cause and hopefully a treatment.

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