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Lewisham Public School is a small K-6 school, located in the inner-west of Sydney. It is genuinely friendly, welcoming and inclusive, catering for a diverse and multicultural student population. As a school community we value this diversity and embrace cultural and social harmony based on respect and fairness. We promote and celebrate resilience, success and community spirit, which contributes to the well-being, self-confidence and social awareness of our students.

Current Situation

Part of what makes Lewisham Public School special is its equity of access and inclusiveness. We want to make sure that technology is equally available in the classroom to all students, no matter their family circumstance. So far we have been able to fund the cable Wi-Fi to some of our classrooms, and the P&C has provided funding for some tablets. However, the need for access to hands-on technology is running ahead of public education funding, and our children can’t wait to learn.

Help Lewisham get online

The new Australian Curriculum requires students to develop Information & Technology Communication (ITC) capability alongside traditional skills like literacy and numeracy. As parents, and as a community, we support this because it is estimated that 80% of the world’s future jobs will require technology skills. Without adequate and accessible technology in the classroom, our children may not have the opportunity to develop the skills they will need. While it’s true that many families have access to computers and digital devices at home, not all of our students are so lucky. That’s the point of public education: to provide a solid, rounded education for ALL children, regardless of their background.

We realise there are a lot of competing demands on families and communities for donations and funding. Giving to Lewisham Public School not only supports individual students at the school (which is terrific if you have a child here or know one), but also allows you to support the broader public education project and help produce students who are engaged, community-minded and digitally literate - citizens we want to see in our community in the future.

You can join us

We want to raise $7,000 to go towards new technology, starting with 10 tablets plus chargers and security racks.

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