Ruth needs your help to complete a Vocational Education Course!

By Compelled by Love

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This is more than just an education, this is the gateway to an independent life for Ruth!

Through your giving, we can help Ruth complete a vocational training course which will lay the foundation for her to become financially independent. The course she wishes to complete will begin at the start of February 2019.

We need to raise $385 to get her there!

This will cover the 3-month course in patisseries, bread, and kitchen skills at the Boucherie Charcuterie De Kigali. It will also cover registration, uniform, books, and stationery. Ruth will graduate with a certificate from the Rwanda Education Board. Once Ruth finishes her course, she hopes to go on to an internship and employment straight away, gaining financial independence and building her future!

Let's make this happen!

Any contribution you make will be such a valuable investment into Ruth's future. We are excited to see Ruth reach her full potential and would love you to join us as we make her dreams a reality.

Thanks for your support!

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