Let's get hiking!

By First Hike Project Melbourne

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Who we are

First Hike Project (FHP) aims to provide newly arrived migrants and refugees the welcome they deserve. We introduce youth from refugee backgrounds to the great Australian bush through an all-expenses paid overnight hiking and camping adventure, so that they can see the natural wonders of their beautiful new home.

Here’s why it helps

With the opportunity to participate in a hike with the First Hike Project, not only do participants report feeling more welcome and connected to the many cultures in Australia, participants have also demonstrated an increased drive to talk about hopes and dreams for their future, and in turn contribute and grow in their new homeland. Students who have undertaken trips previously have reported a sense of accomplishment and achievement, and teachers have commented that students are interacting more in class.

Heres how you can help

We need your support! We are looking to raise $5000 to fund these awesome adventures for 2019 and beyond and we need your support to do this.

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Team Members

Melbourne FHP Team

Bryner Menchavez

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