LES Needs MORE Campaign

By Leverett Elementary Parent Teacher Organization

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Our Children are Thriving at LES!

As parents, family, and community members we know how remarkable Leverett Elementary School is, and how lucky we are to have access to such an excellent public school. At LES our children are truly seen and supported by dedicated teachers and staff. In such a small school setting, each one of our children are loved and uniquely nurtured.

Small School = No-frills Budget.

The LES community has long prided itself on providing an exceptional education despite modest resources. It's thrilling that the school budget was passed at this year's Town Meeting -- huge thanks to everyone who spent so much time supporting & advocating for LES in this budget season. However, in order to continue providing and increase the educational & enrichment opportunities that make LES stand out, we need to do more.

The LES PTO is proud to kick off the 2019 Annual Campaign!

By having a reserve of unrestricted funds, the PTO can help address unanticipated classroom and curriculum needs as they arise throughout the school year. These funds also make it possible for us to organize and fund many community building events (such as the Halloween Party, Talent Show/Game Night, and the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon), as well as field trips for all grade levels.

The PTO is trying to raise $5,000.

Yes, really! It's an ambitious goal, but the LES community has shown up for our kids before, and we know that together we can do even more!

How Can You Help?

  • Donate! $5 or $500 or $5,000 -- every donation is critical to our collective success.

  • Ask your family and friends to donate!

    • Make phone calls, send emails, share this campaign on your social media platform of choice.
    • Click "Sign Up As A Fundraiser" below to create your own fundraising goal for the PTO to share with your family and friends.
    • Ask your employer about matching gifts.
  • Attend town meetings throughout the year in support of LES. The Select Board and the School Committee work hard to balance the town and school budgets. Meetings are open to the public; go learn about the school budget and to support the work of those boards!

Thank you! Together LES is More!

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Team Members

Nadya Tkachenko, LES Parent

Amanda Doster

Amy Bovaird

Jenn Bray

Miryam Vesset

Tessa Young