Legal advice on draft Home Education guidelines

By Mari Greenfield

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A little bit of context

In the UK, children can be educated by attendance at a school, or by their parents directly. Where a child is home educated, the responsibility for educating the child lies with the parents. The Local Authority (LA) has a responsibility to intervene if there is evidence that a suitable education is not being provided. Guidelines for this have been in place for some years.

But there’s a problem

The DfE have just published new draft guidelines for Local Authorities in regard to home education. Aspects of these draft guidelines appear in conflict with the current legislation on home education, flexi-schooling, and data protection.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

This Chuffed crowd funding case is set up to fund a legal opinion from an eminent QC on the legality of the proposed Elective Home Education Guidelines.

The brief asks the QC to provide:

1. Specific advice relating to the legality of particular wordings and paragraphs within the draft guidance, which have been raised in discussions with other Home Educating parents.

2. Overall formal written advice, detailing where the draft non-statutory guidance does not fit within applicable legislation, in a form which can be published.

You can join us

The quotation received is for £3,500 plus VAT. If you can contribute to that, that is brilliant. If you can't, please publicise this fundraiser, and respond to the DfE consultation yourself.

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