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The Best Socialist Videos on the Web

For the last few years, our small team of video producers and activist journalists have been on the ground, bringing you close coverage of workers' struggles, general strikes, international politics, LGBTQ and women's movement, anti-Trump protests, and more recently, the Migrant Caravan. While our resources are few and we are an entirely volunteer project, our videos have been recognized for their quality, straightforwardness and unwavering politics.

Here we are, marching in the streets for women’s rights:

We supported the campaign for union recognition at the Hilton Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut, which ended in victory:

We featured on-the-ground coverage of the Migrant Caravan, with a close look into the lives of asylum-seekers:

Against the Current

We do not pretend to be "neutral." We are socialists, activists, workers, students and fighters. We are immigrants, women, queer, trans, disabled, Black, and precarious. Our videos amplify those who have been silenced. Left Voice correspondents are based in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC, and our international network brings us coverage from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Germany and France.

We challenge the cops, capitalists, imperialism, the bureaucracies. We fight Republican and Democratic Party politicians, who continually attack the working class and oppressed people. We are socialists in word and action.

But there is only so much we can do without financial support. Social media algorithms and mainstream media moguls block out dissenting voices. As an independent socialist media project, we don’t run ads on our website, and we do not receive funds from capitalist or state entities. All contributors, members of the editorial board, photographers, correspondents and video editors work on a solidarity basis.

A Media of Militant, Left Voices

So we’re doubling down on our video work. Beginning in January 2019, we are launching Left Voice Multimedia, a project that will expand our coverage of workers’ struggles and the many expressions of our daily fight against capitalism. In addition, we are planning a political education video series on Marxism, socialist theory and revolutionary politics to address questions like, What is socialism?, Why the working class? and How do socialists fight gender, race and LGBTQ oppression?

Support Left Voice

You can be part of this project in different ways. The simplest way to join our efforts is by supporting us financially. Any contribution will be put to good use. We need $5,000 to kick-start Left Voice Multimedia. Most of the money will go to buying new equipment, travel expenses and providing a small stipend to our main video editor, Luigi, so that he can dedicate more time to Left Voice.

Your help is critical.

Perks for Supporters!

If you donate $30 or more, you can choose one of our print publications: Left Voice Magazine 1, 2 or 3, or the book, Gramsci and Trotsky: A Strategy for the Revolution in the West.

If you donate $50 or more, you can get one of the above, plus a Left Voice T-shirt. There are 2 different designs that you can choose in either black or red:

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Team Members

Juan Ferre

Alejandra Crosta

Ariane Fischer

Arielle C

Ben Fredericks

Francesca Gomes

Jimena Vergara

Julia Wallace

Leo Broun

Luigi Morris

Madeleine Freeman

Marisela Trevin

Rob Belano

Sara Goke

Shreya Mahajan

Tatiana Cozzarelli

Tatum Regan

Tracy Kwon

William Lewis

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