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The Lead not Leave initiative recognises an opportunity for innovative thinking to end the Brexit chaos, with a solution that respects everyone in the United Kingdom. It is about reframing the debate, thinking long term and utilising our capacity as a nation for common sense, pragmatism and leadership.

Rather than leave the EU, Lord Maurice Saatchi, the Former Chairman of the Conservative Party; Gina Miller, successful transparency and sovereignty campaigner; and Baroness Helena Kennedy, internationally renowned human rights champion and barrister; are calling instead for the UK to remain in the EU and lead intergovernmental discussions on restructuring the EU, that address concerns of the people of the UK; especially those who voted Leave in the 2016 Referendum - beginning with the UK’s own membership terms.

To kick-start this process, Lord Saatchi is tabling a EU Membership Bill 2019 in the House of Lords on 28 January 2019, calling on the UK Government to negotiate terms with the EU to retain its existing special membership, including stronger voting rights for the UK and more robust immigration controls.

‘Lead not Leave’ is a major new cross-party initiative designed to harness the growing momentum for an end to Brexit and overdue and wide-ranging EU reform.

No-one could have foreseen the political chaos that has come to paralyse our nation, nor that we could have got to the point where we are seriously contemplating no-deal, with the real harm that would inflict especially on the most vulnerable in our society. It is time to take a step back, to think differently to end the divides, to bring closure and get back the United Kingdom that made us proud.

With your support, we can ensure this initiative forms part of the political and public debate in these crucial last days of Brexit.

Best wishes,

Gina Miller

Maurice Saatchi

Helena Kennedy

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