La route du Stick: developing people thru hockey in West Africa

By The Hockey Foundation

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This is where we need your support...

With your help, we aim to raise 20,000 CHF to support the incredible hockey humanitarian Gabriel Tuscher with his West African hockey project "La route du stick".

We will help Gabriel to source a 2nd hand mini-bus, then fill it with equipment donated at various events in Europe being held this year.

He will drive over 8700km from Brussels to West Africa, visiting 7 nations along the way. Over the course of his 3-4 month journey, he will deliver education courses for teachers and run hockey and education clinics for local kids. At each centre, he will leave a range of equipment to keep them going. His journey ends in Lome, Togo.

This fantastic project is part of The Hockey Foundation`s Hockey4LIFE development programme providing #hockeyDreams (for young people) and #beyondHockey (for social development).

About Gabriels first route...

In 2015 Swiss national and hockey lover Gabriel Tuscher had a problem.

Some years earlier, he had started an exchange programme between Maison de Quartier St-Jean and the village of Kotoura in Burkina Faso. The exchange had grown from strength to strength over the years, but he needed a new idea to take it to the next level.

Being a crazy hockey lover, Gabriel decided to create a sport for social development project using hockey to inspire local children.

He drove his van from Switzerland to Belgium and collected hundreds of sticks, balls and other hockey equipment from local clubs and associations. So to the problem... How to get the equipment to Africa, and how to distribute it once there. After a few shipping calculations and risk assessments, he decided there was really only one option. To drive!

So began La route du Stick.

In Sepetember 2019, Gabriel will embark on his second "Route du Stick". He hopes it will be bigger, better and more impactful than his first trip. He has ambitious plans to visit 7 nations this time.

Who are we and why is the Hockey Foundation promoting La Route de Stick?...

The Hockey Foundation is a Swiss registered NFP Foundation. We exist to promote and develop hockey projects for social development throughout the world, supported by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and it`s 5 Continental Federations.

The Hockey4LIFE programme is the heart of our global development strategy Hockey2024...its about making the world a better place through hockey by driving and supporting projects that contribute to the UN SDGs. In particular SDG3 Good Health, SG4 Quality Education, SDG5 Gender Equality SDG8 Good Jobs and Economic Growth and SDG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities.

"La Route du Stick" will contribute to the 2019/20 HockeyReady initiative, which aims to source and distribute over 100,000 hockey sticks to development projects across the world by 2020.


The Hockey Family is rich in values, people, culture and has an altruistic desire to support individuals and communities...but has limited funds.

Please help us to get Gabriel up and running ;)

For more information about Hockey4LIFE please visit

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Team Members

Mike Joyce

Gabriel Tuscher

Nicolas Maingot