COVID-19 is now in the Amazon. La Libertad needs help.

By Amazon Pueblo

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We have been with the people of La Libertad for 8 years

Amazon Pueblo has been living in and working with the village intermittently over the past 8 years.  The villagers number slightly over 300 people and are mostly of the Yagua tribe.  We promote sustainability through education.  We help them to help themselves.

COVID-19 has overwhelmed the local government, destroyed the economy, and exposed the travesties of their health care system

The community heavily relies on tourism and informal day work for their income.  They no longer have money to supply their food needs.  As the villagers sicken, they receive no help from the outside.

If they do go to the city, they cannot obtain aid from the hospital, which is overrun will ill people dying in the waiting room.  They are dying because of a lack of medical personnel, lack of medications, poor equipment, and no available rooms.  The main hospital of Leticia has just five critical care beds to serve a population of over 40,000 people.

We will stand by the villagers

One of the things that the villagers say is that they want us to remember them.  At times they feel they have been forgotten by the world.  Amazon Pueblo, with your help, will stand with them in their time of need.

You can join us

We need at least $1,000 to meet the immediate need for food, medicine, and personal protective equipment.  Your donation, large or small, will make a difference.  More money will help us to start saving to build a small health care center in the village, which we estimate to cost around $5,000.

An invitation from the people of La Libertad

If you ever can, please visit us in our village.  We welcome all.  We are found 35 km upriver from Leticia, in the Colombian Amazon, on the banks of the Amazon River.

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