Ladies Social Networking Brunch - Let’s Brunch with purpose

By Manisha Kumari

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A little bit of context

Started group on Facebook "Ladies Soical Networking Brunch", to provide like minded women seeking to share inspirational experiences and on elevating women with rich content from mental wellbeing, health, business and fashion to living a true and authentic life as a women. Giving an opportunities to women with Businesses and non Businesses to be able to have a platform to deliver and share their content encouraging courageous and supportive conversation.

Fostering a positive vibe and facilitating others to join and make a difference together calling it "Let’s Brunch with purpose" series.

But there’s a problem

We have had the pleasure of speaking to founders and directors who have volunteered to contribute to the positive ecosystem that we are building and going deeper from our last session.

There are some cost assiosiated with event and having the inspirational talks on enlightening and elevating women with tailored content from health, mental well-being, fashion, business start ups and more.

The funds that I have are not enough to support the cause that I have started . I have ran the first event and it was successful and now second one but failing to meet expensenses . The passion and vast amout of Interest from women, made it my duty to continue as I see a need for women who want to connect and spend time with like minded women to participate in the opportunities and help inspire each other and collaborate on creative ideas. Giving them a platform to deliver their message.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

To be able to share all the amazing things we are doing every single day as women and to influence other like minded individuals we need to raise funds or have sponsors on the cause to reduce cost. This will able us to provide quality work and mentoring programs for our ladies and platform for them to deliver their business with the right equipments and tools.

This is for everyday women who want to colabrate, learn and build. My core vaule is in delivering on events, talks on mental well-being, health, business and finance which I feel is very important to the ladies.

Eventually would love to do this on global scale on empowerment movement for current and aspiring all ladies to connect, gather and knowledge which can be shared over brunch in progressive metropolitan cities.

You can join us

We want to raise $5,000 to have the tools and event space, platform were we need to host the events every 3 months and continue . Having safe space of conversation and bring lights to the areas the women feel they need assistances in progressing.

We thought we'd give crowdfunding a go - what do you think? Can you help us out?

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

The initial funds from this campaign will be going towards the venue hire, guest speakers, catering, equipment, and the mentoring programs.

For helping us out we will also be giving you a ticket to the event to attend and learn what we have created with special gift bag to say thank you for your support and love .

Furthermore we can also promote your cause and your brand on our platform after reviewing if core vaules align and have access to our guest speakers for your events .

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