Building the Labyrinth Healing Circle A Monument for the Future

By Angela Timms

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A little bit of context

From the dawn of time mankind has built monuments. Labyrinths have one way in and one way out. They can be physically walked or their pattern traced with the finger on a photograph/picture as part of a meditation. They can be used for ceremonies e.g. weddings. We are also incorporating a central Healing Area. There is only one other Healing Labyrinth and that is in Canada. We are creating one in the UK which can either be physically visited or healers can send their energy and anyone who wants support can take that energy. We have also created a Facebook page for the project which can also be used for people who would like support and friendship.

But there’s a problem

There is a need for a focus for peace. It is intended that this New Monument will be an inexpensive way for a focus to be created which will bring an energy, a purpose and a community which can be worldwide. We can include stones sent from all over the world as a physical connection or anyone can join in with regular meditations.

The last Thursday in every month will be an opportunity for healers wherever they are to focus energy to "charge the healing circle" and those who need help can post what they need healing for on the Facebook Page or via a "message board" on our web site.

We need the funds to build this project but once built it will last into the future.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Once we have the money we can build it. The materials can be sourced from a nearby builders merchant and if we can't get volunteers we can pay someone to spread the stones and plant the lavender.

It is an old pattern, the dimensions are worked out for us and all we need to do is build it. It can then be used by anyone who wants to use it either by booking time with us or from a distance.

It will be available to be hired for those who want to use it for something physical or anyone can send us stones from around the world to be added to the circle.

You can join us

We need to raise money for:

Moonstone Gravel

Weed Matting

Markers to draw it out

Fencing to go around it to keep the goats out

A gate

Solar lights

Funds to make the film and equipment needed (hired or borrowed)

Help if we can't get volunteers

We have worked out the figures to about three and a half thousand pounds which will create something that will last.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

A gemstone will be put into the Healing Circle for you and your name will be put on the credits of the Filmed Documentary.

Your name can be written on a wooden heart and put in the circle.

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Team Members

Angela Timms