Labour Day Flag Ceremony

By UnionsACT

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What we are doing for Labour Day

In October this year, UnionsACT will be holding the first Labour Day Awards and Flag Raising Ceremony.

We are crowdfunding to raise $1700 for the costs of flying eight flags in Civic Square on the Labour Day public holiday.

The Eight Hour Day represents the central historic importance of work-life balance: eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation and eight hours for rest.

Why Labour Day Flags

Labour Day has a special significance for the trade union movement, and it celebrates the winning of the Eight Hour Day.

Australia was the first country in the world to win the Eight Hour Day in 1856, when stone masons and thousands of other building workers protested against long working days by going on strike and marching to Parliament House in Melbourne, Victoria. They successfully won the first Eight Hour Day in the world, and from there, it became a standard right for all workers.

Labour Day has been a public holiday in Canberra since 1931, when unions campaigned to have public holidays recognised in Awards, as part of basic industrial conditions.

Since then, workers in unions have campaigned over the decades to protect and preserve this important public holiday. The date has moved over the years, but it remains an important day for all working people.

In keeping with a century of tradition, and as part of our efforts to raise awareness of the achievements of working people in unions, we are producing flags to be raised on Labour Day.

Flag Raising and Awards in 2017

From this year, UnionsACT will be holding a Flag Raising and Awards ceremony on the Labour Day public holiday. This will be an annual event, but 2017 is the first year that UnionsACT will be holding a ceremony.

The flag raising will take place at Civic Square, opposite the ACT Assembly.

UnionsACT will provide more information about Labour Day Awards in the lead up to October.

Why we need your support

UnionsACT is conducting a crowdfunding campaign to fund the costs of the flag raising ceremony. Costs for the ceremony include the hire of the flag poles in Civic Square, and the manufacturing costs of the flags.

Believe it or not, accessing the various flag-poles in Canberra is not free, even for non-profit organisations. It will cost $1000 to hire the four flag-poles on Labour Day, and more for the manufacture of the flags.

We are producing 100% Australian-made and 100% union-made flags for Labour Day.

How you can support the day

The union movement has a long history of flags and badges.

Take home a flag

That's why for Labour Day, we are going to give supporters the opportunity to take home one of the limited edition flags.

We are producing only eight flags. Four of the flags will be raised as part of our Labour Day Ceremony, and four will be left in mint condition.

Labour Day Enamel Badges

To celebrate Labour Day, UnionsACT is producing a limited-run of special enamel Labour Day Badges. These badges will feature the same "888" insignia as the flags, and will be 100% Australian-made and 100% union made.

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