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Land for the Homeless (L4H) is a New Jersey based 501(c)3 public charity founded by Kyler Dineen, with the help of Kelly Lynch, which is working to buy a plot of land and construct a community for the homeless to be able to live upon legally and in peace. The project itself comes in response to the governmental closure and destruction of the Lakewood Tent City. With shelter overcrowding continuing to be a serious issue across America, this project aims to create a low-cost solution to a very serious problem with room for expansion potential. The philosophy behind the project is that "a tent is better than a park bench" and that the homeless problem will not be solved by simply trying to brush away those who are unsheltered but rather can be partially alleviated through the establishment of a well maintained and supportive environment for those affected to seek refuge.

How your money will be spent
Please note that these numbers are approximations and are subject to be changed as needed:

Land Purchase – $6,700
Approx. 22 Tents – $2,500
Tarps – $250
Approx. 22 Sleeping Apparatus – $1,100
Approx. 22 Storage Containers – $70
2 Portable Toilets – $1,500
Outdoor Storage Shed/Supplies – $1,200
Outdoor Showers – $350
Onsite Administration Center – $2,100
Promotional Efforts – $315
Common Area – $800
Miscellaneous – $3,100 (Incidentals, Insurance, Overages, etc.)
Total – $19,985
An additional approximate 10% of the funds raised per tier will go toward fulfilling donor perks

Here's a draft of what the community will look like after this project is funded:

Each tile represents an estimated 200 square feet

The full vision for the project is detailed in the organization's nonprofit plan which can be found here:

Thank you so much for your support of this project and take pride in the fact that your money will be put to good use!
All funds raised will go toward our General Funds and will be used to help the charity create and sustain a community for the homeless.

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Team Members

Kyler Dineen

Kelly Lynch

Kyler Dineen