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What your dollars do.

Funds you donate go directly into classrooms providing students access to supplies and foods they typically wouldn't encounter. We supplement budgets and skill-sets bringing the restaurant industry into the school to offer students a fun environment to connect to food in creative ways.

Our Mission

(know)food connects Seattle Public Schools students with the Seattle restaurant industry to create advanced learning environments and future career opportunities.

Our Theory

We aim to create career opportunities for the 21% of students who are not graduating within four years, as well as the 53% not pursuing post-secondary education. Enlisting volunteer professionals from inside the restaurant community we support students and teachers on their own turf, providing a more intimate educational experience for our city’s overloaded classrooms.

Our Impact

(know)food Serves over 80 students in the Seattle Public School district, specifically at Ingraham, West Seattle, Rainier Beach & Roosevelt high schools. Creating a sustainable community ecosystem based around food and education that benefits Seattle Area Schools as well as Seattle Area Restaurants.

Our Purpose

We believe food can take people places

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Joseph Rieke