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A little bit of context

Every spring & summer (and sometimes fall!) roughly 10,000 kittens pounce into LA during kitten season (hold the awwwws) - and most of them are euthanized due to lack of shelter space and resources (NOOOOO!). While rescue groups in LA fight to save as many as they can (yaaaaay), there is still a bottle neck in the system that hinders saving these kittens (those poor kittens).

Here’s the problem

(We'll make it short and to the point) During kitten season, the 8 week and under (Bottle Babies) category are the largest population being euthanized in LA shelters (even across dogs!). A few rescue groups with kitten nursery resources pull a portion of these Bottle Babies (as long as they have space capacity) and nurse them to adoptable age via on-site care givers and fosters. HERE IS THE ISSUE fosters and rescue adoption events do not have the exposure to move the volume of adoptable age kittens needed to open up space for new Bottle Baby care taking. No pun intended, this is a huge bottleneck to saving more kitten lives.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

ADOPTABLE AGE KITTENS WILL GO TO CatCafe Lounge's Kitten Lounge where you will literally be covered in a pile of kittens! Our rescue partners from Kitten Rescue and Stray Cat Alliance couldn't be more excited!

The BEST part about the Kitten Lounge is the kittens will be appropriately socialized with other kittens (Single Kitten Syndrome is a REAL thing), potential adopters will get the opportunity to meet and play with the kittens to ensure they are matched with the right personality, and CatCafe Lounge is aiding their rescue partners in saving more kittens this season! And don’t forget the unforgettable experience of being in a cuddle puddle of KITTENS!

Why trust us with your donation? We are LAs largest and only nonprofit Cat Cafe, in operation for over a year, focusing on adults. Our Cat Cafe has aided our rescue partner in increasing their intake (cat pulls from shelter) by 22% and has increased their adoptions by 34%.

Our Cat Cafe setting is a successful and sustainable model for increasing adoptions and saving lives in Los Angeles.

You can join us to save KITTENS

We need to raise $18,000 to launch this life-saving location to LA this Summer.

We have budgeted funds accordingly:

  • $10,000 new location expenses e.g. Short-term lease deposit + first & last month's rent
  • $5,000 staffing, volunteer outreach, marketing expenses
  • $3,000 furnishings for 25-30 lil furballs

And here’s some amazing purrks for supporting us that you can’t live without

$15 Purrsonilized Thank Mew postcard from the kittens + Kitten Lounge sticker.

$35 - Honor Wall. We'll honor you or your departed Furever Friend + Kitten Lounge admission for 1 + Kitten Lounge sticker.

$50 - Name a Kitten. e.g. Ginger, Maryanne, Gilligan, Skipper; you get the point! + Kitten Lounge admission for 1 + Kitten Lounge sticker.

$75 - Non-waitlisted entry. You get guaranteed access to the Kitten Lounge. Does not apply to opening weekend. Applicable to 1 entry + Kitten Lounge sticker.

$100 - Raffle: Cat Photo Shoot w/ Erica Danger- Lights, Camera, Action! Donate for a chance to win a photo shoot for your feline furiend + admission for 1 + Kitten Lounge sticker. $350 dollar value for 2 hour photo shoot with 30-40 edited digital images of your Kitto that will last a lifetime. Photoshoots take place within Los Angeles area. This is a raffle for a chance to win!

$100 - Raffle: Cat Behavior Session with our Cat Behaviorist, The Cat Counselor + admission for 1 + Kitten Lounge sticker. Must be located within 20 miles of Santa Monica. This is a raffle for a chance to win. $250 value!

$100 - Nala Cat House + admission for 1 + Kitten Lounge sticker

$200 - Front of Line Pass (for 2 people). Guaranteed access to the Kitten Lounge on opening weekend. We will coordinate with you prior to opening day. + Kitten Lounge sticker.

$350 - Preopening invite for 2. Experiece the Kitten Lounge before everyone else!! Event to include Meowmosa's and some of your favorite Insta Cat Celebrities. Quantities limited! + Kitten Lounge sticker.

*Purrks are suggestions only - you can choose any amount to donate once you've clicked "Donate Now"!

About Chuffed

We chose Chuffed because it is THE ONLY crowdfunding platform that ensures the nonprofit you are donating to gets 100% of your generous donation, meaning a percent of the donation is not lost to credit card fees. How does Chuffed do it - they add the fees to the donation. In the US there is a credit card fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 transaction charge. Chuffed uses Stripe, Android/Apple/Google Pay, plus Paypal. All reputable payment processing centers. Thank mew!

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