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A better world for our children

We all want a world that is better for our children. One where they grow up believing in themselves, free from the hate and discrimination that permeate our politics today. This all starts with the adults around them opening avenues of empathy and conversation.

Promote racial & educational equity

At Kindred, we provide parents in schools with safe and brave spaces to talk about the impact of racism on their experiences and those of their children so that, together, they can interrupt the inequality and bigotry that has marked US history and forge a new path. We run dialogue circles for parents of all backgrounds in elementary schools. We started with 15 parents three years ago. Since then, more than 400 parents have participated in dialogue and have begun working together to help each other's children live better, more prosperous, healthy and happy lives.

Join us!

Help us reach 100 more parents this year! Please donate what you can and share our campaign with others. Every dollar matters and is matched!

  • $2000 sponsors a parent's leadership journey with Kindred
  • $500 covers a facilitator for two dialogue circles
  • $250 covers the costs of food and childcare for one dialogue circle
  • $50 covers transportation costs for one dialogue circle

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