Kindness to the Max

By Edgar's Mission

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A Dream to the Max!

Here at Edgar's Mission we think big and we dream big. Real big – to the max! We dream big enough to believe that a kinder world for farmed animals truly is possible. We've got an exciting plan to create a conversation that will change millions of lives and take us one step closer to our dream. And this big plan involves a big pig with a big story to tell. His name is Max and we want all Australians to know him.

A Pig's World...

Max is a truly fortunate pig. He was found wandering the streets in a town famous for its bacon factory. The fate of a lost pig is uncertain at best, but luck was on his side and Max's future was secured when someone saw him for who he was.

Max loves using a rake to make his straw bed that bit more comfy, being on the end of a good chin scratch and munching on his favourite treats of watermelon and pumpkin.

There are millions of clever, unique and truly remarkable pigs just like Max living their lives in Australia right now. But where are they? So rarely do we see pigs in our modern day society, let alone even take the time to think about them and who they really are. But with your help, we're setting out to change that. We want to take the conversation about farmed animals like Max from behind locked barn doors, whispers in Australian homes and even murmurs in the staff lunch room. We want to take this conversation to all Australians, from all walks of life, in every capital city, perhaps to a street near you. And the reason is because we truly belief at the heart of every human is kindness. And it all starts with one simple question, "Why?"

Here's our Plan!

"Ask Me Why" is the statement, alongside a most handsome and affable pig named Max, that we are putting up in lights, literally. Our campaign aims to take this simple, yet thought provoking message to billboards in major Australian capital cities to spark conversations, initiate thought and perhaps, just perhaps, change more than a few answers to the question, "Why be kind to animals like Max?" This thought provoking statement gives everyone who truly cares about animals a platform to create dialogues with family, friends and co-workers as they become change makers for a kinder world.

Let's do this together!

We said our dream was big and so are our billboards! Our target of $100,000 will see our plan become a reality and put animals like Max in the forefront of many hearts and minds. We’ve selected twenty incredible, high traffic locations in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane that are set to spark a dialogue of kindness Australia-wide.
But it doesn't stop there! We've had an incredibly kind donor reach out to us, a donor who too dreams big and has pledged to donate an extra $10,000 every time we hit the $10,000 mark to take us all the way to our target!

This is an incredible opportunity and is bigger than any advocacy campaign we've ever attempted before. But it is our solemn promise to tell the story of each and every resident who passes through our farm gates and to share their story in order to change the lives of all those we may never meet. This is what the “Ask Me Why” Billboard Campaign seeks to achieve. A kinder world for animals like Max. A kinder world for us all. We would love for you to join us on this very big and very special journey...

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