Bringing Kids Yoga & Meditation to Kids in Tanzania

By Beth Borowsky

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A little bit about the Kids and the Program

In January 2017, A Sound Life ( joined forces with Communities Assist ( and travelled to Tanzania, Africa to set up the very first Yoga and Music School at Rainbow Ridge Orphanage.

I volunteer for A Sound Life, teaching weekly yoga to teenagers in the mental health ward at Randwick Children's Hospital. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most rewarding hours of my week.

So when I heard that Edo Kahn and A Sound Life were collaborating with an orphanage in Tanzania, I knew that I had to get there; that my 12 years in working in kids yoga, and in training adults in teaching kids yoga, made me the perfect person to contribute to this work. How could I not do everything I could to get over there and share all that I know about yoga, and kids yoga, and how it can literally change lives.

The orphanage, established over 10 years ago by the incredible team at Communities Assist, is located in the small community of Maili Sita, near Moshi in Eastern Tanzania. It is a working sustainable village that serves as a teaching hub and demonstration site for sustainability and permaculture practices within the local community.

Rainbow Ridge is home to 30 children between the ages of 3-17 years old and it is our goal to provide these children, and the kids in the surrounding communities, with access to yoga and meditation. We see these as valuable educational tools for developing physical and emotional self-health, confidence, self empowerment, self expression, creativity, imagination, joy and connection!

The objective of the Yoga School at Rainbow Ridge is to give these beauty-full children opportunities to explore and develop their own unique skill-sets, talents and passions, ultimately equipping them with additional knowledge and education to assist their personal growth in becoming autonomous, confident and self empowered adults.

So hopefully, with your support and loving energy, I will be able to head over to Rainbow Ridge Orphanage in July, with my daughter (a kids yoga and Early Childhood teacher), to continue to work on the Kids Yoga Program. I will be training the teachers and we will both be working with the children in developing adapted and therapeutic yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices. My daughter assisting me means that she can be working with the kids when I am training the adults, so our time is maximised.

Here's what we will be doing:

We will spend one week working with the children. Each day will be filled with various opportunities to explore their bodies, breath and spirit through fun yoga experiences that combine traditional poses with stories, music and games. Every session will start and finish with meditation and throughout the day we will explore the art and grace of living mindfullly.

I will also be working with the staff and teachers of the orphanage and the local community, training them in Kids Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness and how to continue with the program once we leave. Teachers will receive manuals and resource ideas, as well as tips and tools for creating their own Kids Yoga classes and an on-going program.

Please help us to help these beauty-full kids

My vision is to raise $8,000 by June 30th. The money raised will help to fund the project and all associated costs of printing teacher manuals and purchasing yoga tools - mats, blocks, etc.

All the remaining money raised will go towards ongoing training, employing local teachers to provide regular yoga, music and meditation classes for both the children at the orphanage and the extended local community, and to purchasing resources and materials.

Why crowd fund?

As I’m sure you can appreciate, working for myself as a yoga teacher, I only earn when I work, so taking 2 weeks off means that I don’t earn any money over that time. Not earning, and also funding my own way to Tanzania, made the project prohibitive which meant the kids, teachers and their community would lose out.

And so I am turning to my community - both immediate and extended - to help me realise this calling, because unfortunately or fortunately, I am not wealthy enough to fund it all, and I don't believe wealth should determine whether or not things are possible.

With hand on heart, I ask that you take 3 minutes of your time to watch the video attached to the campaign (just click on the photo at the top), so that you can get a greater sense of the extraordinary work that is being done there. And hopefully you’ll be inspired to support this campaign - every dollar will bring us closer to making a difference - and the kids will receive your contribution, love and energy. Priceless!

In gratitude,

Namaste :)

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