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A little bit of background

The KIDS HOPE AUS program aims to provide a positive impact in the lives of vulnerable Australian children and their families. The program is an early intervention, school-based mentoring program which has benefited over 10,000 children since its formation in 2004.

KIDS HOPE AUS is now Australia's largest youth mentoring program of vulnerable children within primary schools. Currently supporting in excess of 3500 children, we are actively working to support 4500 kids by the end of this year.

But there's a problem

As the demand for the KIDS HOPE AUS program grows in regional and remote areas, we need to develop new and innovative ways to deliver high quality mentor training across the country in a timely and cost effective way.

Additionally, once mentors are trained, the need for ongoing support and assistance remains great. KIDS HOPE AUS is looking to introduce a highly engaging online training and development module to ensure we can place mentors with Australia's most vulnerable children.

Here's what we're doing about it

KIDS HOPE AUS is working to develop a customised online training resource to support our new and existing mentors.

Through the development of this new initiative, KIDS HOPE AUS will be able to ensure mentors from Broome to Hobart, Darwin to Albany all receive the highest quality training and ongoing support in their roles, working with Australia's most vulnerable children.

Our success is proven:

- a high quality, evidence-based mentoring program
- a waiting list of schools needing the program
- a model for recruiting exceptional volunteer mentors.

Now we need you!

Your support

Through your generous financial contribution, KIDS HOPE AUS will be able to develop this exciting new training program for mentors. With your help, thousands more kids will soon experience the power of one-to-one mentoring. Together we can change lives and that's no small change!

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