Women leadership in STEM: Kiara's Homeward Bound Journey

By Kiara Crook

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A little bit of context

The world is changing; the time to act is now! However, gender balance does not exist in positions of power and at the tables where the real decisions are made. Globally, women are emerging from University/College degrees and entering the workforce in significant percentages, however, they are in the minority when it comes to executive decision-making roles. This is the premise behind Homeward Bound.

What is Homeward Bound?

The aim of Homeward Bound is To equip a 1,000-strong global collaboration of women [over 10 years] with a science background to lead, influence and contribute to policy and decision making as it informs the future of our planet within 10 years.

Why Antarctica

This is a 12-month leadership program which requires a regular weekly commitment to fostering leadership skills and strategic capabilities. The Antarctic voyage is used as an opportunity to further learn, network and collaborate with all participants from around the world. Antarctica is used as the catalyst being a wild, beautiful and unique environment with regions there currently showing amongst the fastest responses to climate change seen anywhere on the planet.

Be a part of the journey

My background is in environmental science with a passion to encourage science, technology, mathematics and medicine (STEMM) engagement and opportunities outside of the cities. Check out my application video to find out a bit more about me.

It's a long way from Darwin to Antarctica and, as one of the youngest participants in this program, I need some help to get there. Although the Homeward Bound initiative is supported by the likes of Human Synergistics, The Australian Antarctic Division, Kathmandu, ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (University of Queensland) and the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (University of Tasmania), each participant is still required to raise a singificant amount of funds for the Antarctic expedition.

Help me get there and I will make sure you feel a part of my journey!

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