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What does KA do?

Kensington Association (KA) was established by a group of residents in 1997 whose mission is “to protect and enhance the amenity of Kensington on behalf of all residents”.

Over the years KA has been the driving force behind several successful campaigns to protect and enhance the amenity of Kensington, including successfully opposing the use of the Broadmeadows Rail Line for a 24hr airport rail service (when the Albion freight route was available), reuniting the former Moonee Valley section of Kensington back under the City of Melbourne, and persuading the Government not to use JJ Holland Park as a staging and construction site for any East-West road tunnel.

We monitor local development proposals and if inappropriate, we assist residents to mobilize against them and participate actively in plans for local park and urban renewal. KA also undertakes community-building projects such as sitting on the community consultative committee for the re-development of Holland Park, being involved in the former public housing site renewal abutting JJ Holland Park and lobbying for upgrades to public open space and renewal of the Moonee Ponds Creek.

We are currently working on a steering committee with Rail Projects Victoria, CYP and RIA (the project consortia) regarding the delivery of the Metro Rail Tunnel. Gives the tunnel location, the Kensington community will bear the brunt of the construction works. Trucks, noise, dust and vibration will impact our amenity and whilst KA supports the project, we also want to ensure that how it is delivered, and what is left, benefits Kensington.

Why are we fundraising?

Kensington Association is a not-for-profit, volunteer organisation supported by member fees and occasional grants. As such, KA has limited financial means and in order to better facilitate our mission “to protect and enhance the amenity of Kensington on behalf of all residents” we seek to raise monies to expend on important community initiatives.

As an incentive, for every donation of $100 or over, a free 12 month membership to KA will be offered.

At the current time, KA’s primary engagement activity is ensuring that the Metro Rail Tunnel will be constructed and delivered in a manner that both minimises construction impact and leaves a permanent legacy acceptable to the Kensington community.

Given we are heading into a Victorian State Election in November, a critical juncture is approaching. Funds raised will assist KA to prosecute the Kensington communities case with Government to ensure the best possible outcome is obtained.

Outside of the Metro Tunnel engagement, funds raised will be used to support important KA activities such as improving the Moonee Ponds Creek, negotiating with local authorities to improve public amenities and open space, and support of other important community initiatives such as festivals, community engagement projects and KA communication with local residents.

How will proceeds raised be used?

All proceeds raised will be applied to ensuring better outcomes for the Kensington Community. KA is governed by a volunteer Steering Committee elected each August at our Annual General Meeting. All KA members are locals and thus the KA’s activities are for locals, by locals.

In order to better serve our community, KA seeks to do more. This requires money as hard work and charity can only go so far. Kensington has a long and proud history of community support and engagement and we are hoping this fundraising campaign can be well supported so that KA can keep investing into, and developing, the strong community spirit Kensington is recognised for.

One of the key outcomes KA seeks form the Metro Tunnel works is a major upgrade of South Kensington Station. This will take some substantial lobbying and any monies raised will allow us to engage experts where required in order to obtain the station upgrade the community desperately needs.

You can join us

The Kensington Association needs donations to its community fund. We are targeting $10,000 and all monies will be allocated to projects that directly benefit the local community. No Kensington Association member is paid so all funds go to community based outcomes.

Kensington has a very strong community spirit and a proud history of banding together to get things done. Please assist KA by donating what you can and please spread the word about this fundraising campaign so we can continue to invest in what Kensington is known for - its community.

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