Keeping The Peace (Educational Film)

By Jim Ellis

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A little bit of context

Out on the streets, police officers are given the task to uphold the laws and keep the peace. No matter your impression of officers, these are human beings who need to be in sound mind, steady emotion and physical balance. We need them to be at their best. We have 1 month left of fundraising to reach our goal, and to ensure wellness and peace for all the peacekeepers.

But there’s a problem

  • "More than any other occupation, law enforcement is an emotionally and physically dangerous job. Police officers continuously face the effects of murder, violence, rape, child abuse, accidents and disasters. Long hours, rotating shifts and constant exposure to tragedy exacts a heavy toll on police officers and their families.”
    ~ Researcher and therapist Beverly J. Anderson
  • According to, there are an estimated 150,000 officers who have symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Injuries (PTSI). Recent research indicates that 1/3 of active-duty and retired officers suffer from post-traumatic stress, with some unaware of this condition.
  • The Badge of Life Organization states law enforcement officers are 1.5 times more likely to commit suicide than the general population. WIth over 100 suicides per year - the #1 one killer of police officers is ... law enforcement suicide.
  • The rise of social media has helped to sensationalize the more unfavorable views of police officers, bringing more negativity and therefore more stress to those in the field.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

  • We created a 30-minute educational training film that brings awareness to the stresses and traumas experienced by officers and law enforcement personnel while on duty in order to empower them to normalize their emotional and mental responses and to take action in alleviating, diffusing and treating the symptoms of trauma.
  • On Tuesday, May 14, 2019 during National Police Week, police departments all over the country received a gift of this educational film along with a care package and study guide. The World Premiere took place in San Diego event at the prestigious "Peace and Justice" Theater on the USD Campus. Here we premiered the film, hosted a special guest speaker, highlighted a panel of experts on officer wellness, and held a ceremony to deliver the film and care package to law enforcement representatives in attendance.
  • Next up - May 2020 - "One Force - Keeping The Peace For All."

  • The purpose of the project is for these officers to receive the clear message that they do have options in dealing with the stresses, and they can retain wellness in all areas of their lives.
  • The purpose is to make sure we give retiring officers back to their families as healthy citizens: emotionally, mentally, spiritually.
  • As the documentary - filmed in San Diego but shared with police departments nationwide - makes its rounds, we will see a cultural shift, as officers are seen as humans needing the same sort of support we all need. The shift will improve relations between the public and law enforcement, something greatly needed today.
  • A larger purpose will be the change of a culture, where officers know it's safe to receive the support they desperately need but may not feel free to ask for.
  • The largest purpose is the vision of peace officers who truly keep the peace, for themselves, our neighborhoods, and our society.
  • We've already created relationships with the San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephan and all the Chiefs of Police in San Diego County. See endorsements HERE:
  • A powerful promotional piece reveals some of the harsh experiences offices and chiefs have while on duty. See it HERE:

You can join us

  • Inclusion - Let us know if you or a contact would be a helpful addition to the footage to be used in a future Wellness Training throughout California.
  • Promotion - Getting the word out by sharing this webpage as well as forwarding other social media posts about this project.
  • Fundraising - We are raising funds to cover costs of further dissemination of the film, in public forums and in mailings to agencies throughout the nation.

And What's In It For You?

  • Living in a society in which those who are tasked with keeping the peace are clearly given the support to maintain their own inner peace.
  • Better relations in your neighborhood between police and the public.
  • As VALUED SUPPORTER: For those donating $100 or over, a social media public mention of appreciation for you and your business. Note on the film's website.
  • As CHIEF AMBASSADOR: For those donating $500 or over, the above plus mention at public forums and events.
  • As CHAMPION OF THE FORCE: For those donating $1,000 or over, all the above plus a DVD copy of the film that could be gifted to your own local police department.

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Team Members

Jim Ellis

Andy Resnik (Marketing/Fundraising)

Dan Willis (Retired Police Captain)

Dr. Sara Gilman

Sgt Katy Lynch (La Mesa PD)

Victor Resendez (Retired special agent, DOJ)